2018.2.18 Sunday: リアルな日常生活英語 ,アート&クラフト、, 発音マスター

Sunny and warm today! ☀️ Spring’s coming soon~

11:00~12:00  4 Students

Stamp = sheets of stamps/ roll of stamps/ book of stamps Stick, buy, collect
envelope Buy, send/mail.receive, deliver, weight
Stationery (pens, staplers, etc) Use
mail slot Collect from the…./Slot into… / put into….
postal worker/ postal clerk Sells,receives,measures,scales,weighs
scale Weight on a…
letter carrier/ mail carrier Carries,sends,delivers
mail truck Carries/transports, sends, delivers
mailbox Keeps/ holds,  put into….


  1. At the post office you can ______.
  • Eg: At the post office you can receive packages.
  1.   I  sent/ bought a ______ at/from the post office.
  • Eg: I sent a book of stamps from the post office.

Conversation も練習しました〜

Clerk: Hi, can I help you?
You: Yes, I would like to ______(send packages, send letter, etc) to ______ (Hong Kong, Hawaii, Tokyo, etc).
Clerk: OK, let’s see how much it weighs.…It’s about_______ (2kg, 1kg). If you send it express, it will get there tomorrow. Or, you can send it priority and it will get there by _____(eg. Saturday).
You: ______ (eg. Saturday) is fine. How much will that be?
Clerk: ______ (eg. 1,000 yen). Do you need anything else?
You: I need a ________ (eg. book of stamps), too. / No, thank you that’s all.
Clerk: OK, your total is ______ (eg. 1,500yen).

Good conversation ideas everyone!

12:00 ~ 13:00 3 Students IMG-1245

We made FRIENDSHIP BRACELET! 日本でもはやってたミサンガです〜
friendship bracelet.

13:00 ~ 14:00 2 Students


Today we did: S and Z

  • Say     *Song
  • Seal    *Sock
  • Sip      *Six
  • East    *Swimming
  • Risk    *festival
  • Price   *bus

Tongue twister に挑戦!
-Squeeze the squid and you get squid ink.
-Sally stews the soup for the supper.

Sue _____ (verb) ______ (noun) for supper/ summer.
Eg. Sue cooks sausages for supper.
-Sue thinks of a song for summer.    -Sue makes cookies for supper.
-Sue buys swimsuit for summer.      -Sue searches clothes for summer.

Zは、歯を閉して、舌先を上の歯に近つけて、 音を出して「ズ」と発音します。

  • Zoo         *Zero
  • Zip          *Zigzag
  • Zipper    *Zone
  • Zoom      *Lazy
  • Size         *Prize

Tongue twister に挑戦!
-Zoom up for the zebras in the zoo!
-Zizzi’s zippy zipper zips.

Let’s get crazy at Liz’s _______ (event/place).
Eg. Let’s get crazy at Liz’s surprise party!
-Let’s get crazy at Liz’s night safari at Singapore!
-Let’s get crazy at Liz’s song festival!


Thank you always everyone! See you next week!
-Biny ^^/


2018.02.18 Free Talk & Business English

Free Talk 13:00~13:50 (5 students)

We began with a discussion about favorite places in Tokyo. We also talked about The Keys to a Happy Marriage. Some very interesting ideas!

Free Talk 14:00~14:50 (5 students)

We continued by discussing our daily routines and also what we consider to be boring and exciting daily activities.

Business English 15:00~15:50 (1 student)

We read an article on return and exchange policies at U.S. retailers, and then discussed the differences between Japan and America in this regard.

Business English 16:00~16:50 (1 student)

We read an article on President Trump and his recognition of a North Korean defector who found freedom in South Korea.




2018.2.17 Saturday:イディオムとボキャブラリー強化&多読トレーニング

14:00~15:00  3 students

今日も午前中に大津校でレッスンを受けられた後大阪校までこられた生徒さんが!嬉しいのとその頑張りを!I really respect how hard he studies! さらに素晴らしい事に彼自身がそれを楽しんでいる様子!I personally think that the most important thing is whether we could enjoy it or not.  Don’t you think so?

1.get hold of someone
電話するはcall, メールの場合はsend a emailとかemail meとかでもOKですが、それらひっくるめて「連絡を取る」という日常会話でもビジネスシーンでもよく用いられる口語的なフレーズです。
Can you get a hold of Mr./Ms.~? (~さんに連絡を取ってくれますか?)
Did you get a hold of ~?(~さんと連絡取れましたか?)
I couldn’t get a hold of him. I called him but it went straight to his voicemail. (彼と連絡が取れません。電話をしたら直ぐに留守電になるんです。)

2.get in touch with someone を使いますこれはgetkeep or stay でも使えますし、Be in touch! とも言う時があります。
How can I get in touch with you? (どうすれば連絡取れます?)You can reach me at my cell. Here is my number. (携帯に電話してくれる。これが番号です)
It was nice to have met you. Let’s keep in touch. (お会い出来て良かったです。これからも連絡を取り合いましょう)
I’ve got to go now. But I’ll be in touch. (そろそろ行かないとあかんし。また連絡するね)

.come in  (to enter)
Come in, the door is open! (ドアーは開いているから入っておいで)これは既にご存知の使い方ですが、会話の中ではこのCome in. が Come on in. と言われる事もあります。
e,g,  News of a traffic accident has just come in. (交通事故の知らせが丁度来た)
e.g.  Oysters have just come in.  (丁度牡蠣が入荷した。あるいは牡蠣の季節になった)
e.g.  Hanyu-kun cam in first. (羽生君が一等になった)競技等で入賞する、、
e.g.  Long skirts have come in.  (ロングスカートが流行りだした(流行り出す)

4.come across  (to meet or find by chance)
  by chanceなので偶然に出会うとか見つける
e.g.  I was organizing my bookshelf and I came across my old photos. (書棚を整理していたら偶然古い写真が出て来た)探して見つけたのでは無く、偶然見つかったというニュアンス。
e.g.  If you come across Mr. Bean in London, please tell him I will see him next month. (ロンドンでビーンさんに会ったら、来月会いに行くからと伝えておいて)探してまで使えるのでは無く、もし会う事があれば、というニュアンスです。
e.g.  The message of the movie comes across loud and clear.  (その映画の伝えたい事はひしひしと(はっきりと、明瞭に)伝わってきます。)
e.g.  He came across (to me) as an extremely talented musician. (彼は私にすごく才能のある音楽家という印象を残した)

問題!日本語で「印象を残した」と書かれている文章を英語に直せ。とあると一瞬焦りますよね!もちろん ~impressed me と表現出来ますが、come across と平易な言葉でも伝える事も出来るのです。

Hope to see you again!

15:00~16:00   4 students

東京都内の公立小学校が制服のデザインをGiorgio Armaniに依頼して、小学生の制服一式で約8万円! さっそくそんな記事を読みました。Titled “Parents anger at $730 Armani school uniforms”.   世の中には理解し難い大人がいるもんだと、、、個人的にビックリした話題でした。
exorbitant,  fuss (make a fuss/ get into a fuss), parliament, lawmaker, burden, twitter

Take care and hope to see you next week!


2018.2.17 Saturday Pronunciation Master; Free Talking

Tonight in Pronunciation class we reviewed the phonemes: sh; ch; th (as in “think”); and wh.


2018. 2. 17. Saturday: TOEIC 600, SB

11:00-12:00: 2 students
12:00-13:00: 1 student
14:00-15:00: 3 students
15:00-16:00: 3 students

Thank you for coming!!

Today we read an article about a pollen detecting devise that has been developed to detect pollen levels across Japan!

TOEIC 600の授業の復習は昨日のブログに載せているので、そちらを参照しください!



  1. I suggest that you ask someone for advice.
  2. He suggested that I take a couple of days off to blow off some steam.


  1. My boss proposed that we have a meeting to figure out a solution.
  2. He suggested that the meeting be postponed until next Monday.


  1. I recommend that you have a talk with her once.
  2. He recommended to her that she start study English.

Point; 提案や要求のように、相手に何らかの行為を促す場合は、that以下に動詞の原形を用いる。



have + 過去分詞形…過去のある出来事が現在にまで影響を及ぼしている、過去のある出来事、もしくはその結果が現在まで続いている

  1. I have robbed a bank.
  2. She has been sick for two weeks.
  3. He has gotten older.


have been + 過去分詞形…過去に何かをされた経験がある。過去に何かが行われて、現在はそれが完了した状態である。

  1. I have been stung by a bee.
  2. The construction has been completed.
  3. A new bridge between Osaka Station and Yodobashi Camera has been built recently.


  1. その窓はすでに掃除された。
  2. 彼は先生に一度も叱られたことがない。
  3. 彼は犬に5回かまれたことがある。

I hope you enjoyed the class!!

Have a good weekend, and I will see you next week!!


2018.2.16 Friday:入門トラベル英会話、パターンプラクティス

19:00-19:50  3 students


Excuse me, my order is wrong.

Excuse me,  will my order be out soon? / is my order almost done?

Excuse me, the bill is wrong. / I think you made a mistake on the bill. / you are charging us wrong on the bill.

The stake is still very raw / uncooked.

The stake is very burnt / overcooked.

20:00-20:50  3 students

I regret~で子ども時代や人生で後悔した事を話して練習しました:)

most of the students don’t regret anything ! good!


2018. 2. 16. Friday: TOEIC 600

19:00-20:00: 1 student
20:00-21:00: 1 student

Thank you for coming!






  1. He is a good guy.
  2. He runs at the park.
  3. I was studying when she was sleeping.
  4. I went to Nara during the summer vacation.


  1. The man who is sitting over there is my brother.
  2. I fed a cat which I found on the street.


  1. The typhoon prevented us from traveling.
  2. My dog is so mischievous that he breaks everything in my house.



第1文型 S+V

  1. Everyone laughed.
  2. Years passed.
  3. He runs every morning.
  4. The conference ended at four p.m.
  5. The sun is shining brightly.
  6. He is running at the park.


第2文型 S+V+C S=Cの関係が成り立ちます。

  1. The dog is very cute.
  2. She is a teacher.
  3. He kept calm during the meeting.
  4. She remained silent.
  5. She became quite friendly.
  6. I got older.
  7. The milk has gone bad.
  8. The leaves have turned red.
  9. She looked pretty surprised.
  10. Peaches taste sweet.
  11. The perfume smells great.

第3文型 S+V+O

  1. I ate breakfast.
  2. She studies English.
  3. He drank a glass of milk.
  4. I like to play the guitar.
  5. He put his hands in his pockets.
  6. He provided us with sufficient explanation.
  7. The teacher explained the scientific theory.

第4文型 S+V+O1+O2

  1. He gave me a word of advice.
  2. She told her baby the story.
  3. I showed her some of the pictures.
  4. The company offers us many opportunities.
  5. The woman teaches English at school.
  6. Pass me the salt.
  7. She bought her father a tie.
  8. I will find you a vacant seat.
  9. She got me a new bicycle.
  10. It takes me an hour to commute.

第5文型 S+V+O+C  O=Cの関係が成り立ちます。

  1. I named the cat John.
  2. I made the room dirty.
  3. I painted the roof blue.
  4. He pushed the door open.
  5. I dyed my hair green.
  6. I call her Sally.

Have a good weekend!!


BF Thursday 2/15

1930-2030 4 students
2030-2130 2 students















2018.2.13 Tuesday: アート&クラフト、リアルな日常生活英語 , 発音マスター

14:00 ~ 15:00 1 Student val craft

Valentine’s day is tomorrow!! 💗 なので Valentine Keychain と Heart Box を作りました!Very patience and good creativity!  すごくかわいいのができました!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Good luck giving/ getting chocolates! 💗🍫💗🍫

15:00~16:00  6 Students

We did…… at the Post Office~ 📮

Vocabulary Verb
letter/ air letter Send/ mail,deliver,receive
postcard Send/ mail,deliver,receive
package/parcel (bigger like boxes) Send/ mail,deliver,receive, weight,measure
parcel post (smaller like flat parcels) Send/ mail,deliver,receive, weight,measure
priority mail Send/ mail,deliver,receive, weight,measure
express mail/ overnight mail Send/ mail,deliver,receive, weight,measure
Stamp = sheets of stamps/ roll of stamps/ book of stamps Stick, buy, collect


  1. At the post office you can ______.
  • Eg: At the post office you can receive packages.
  1.   I  sent/ bought a ______ at/from the post office.
  • Eg: I  bought a book of stamps at the post office.

Conversation も練習しました〜

Clerk: Hi, can I help you?
You: Yes, I would like to ______(eg. send a parcel) to ______ (eg. New York).
Clerk: OK, let’s see how much it weighs.…It’s about_______ (eg.2kg). If you send it express, it will get there tomorrow. Or, you can send it priority and it will get there by _____(eg.Saturday).
You: ______ (eg.Saturday) is fine. How much will that be?
Clerk: ______ (eg. 1,000 yen). Do you need anything else?
You: I need a ________ (eg.book of stamps), too. / No, thank you that’s all.
Clerk: OK, your total is ______ (eg. 1,500yen).

難しいところも皆さん上手く出来てました〜 ✉️

18:00 ~ 19:00 4 Students

みんなが気になる英語の発音!今日から教えさしてもらうことになりました! 🙌🏻

Today we did: B and P (again!) でも今日はPから先にやり、国の名前や難しい、長い言葉も練習しました〜
(発音の仕方は、2018.1.14 を見て下さい。)


  • Pen      *Mop
  • Pillow * Soap
  • Panda *Purple (息を2回出すように)
  • Spain, Portugal, Peru, Pakistan, Poland.
    文章も練習しました!I want a present from ______.
    I got (a) _______ from _______.
    eg: I got pineapples from Peru.


  • Bag      * Crab
  • Big       * Herb
  • Book   * Bathtub


  • Biotechnology   * Harbor
  • Publicity             *Ban
  • Background       *Blow


  • I have been studying biotechnology.
  • I went to the harbor at the Osaka bay and saw a ship.
  • Cuba released the ban from the American travelers.
  • I painted a background on my car.

発音マスタークラス、火曜日18時〜19時は毎週はないので、スケジュールをチェックして下さい〜 ぜひ参加してくださいね!I’ll be waiting~

Thank you for a fun lesson everyone!
See you soon~

-Biny ^^


2018.2.13.Tuesday BF

10-11 4people 11-12 5people 12-13 5people

Thank you for coming today!☀

Do you enjoy the Pyeong Chang 2018? ⛷
It seems that strong wind creates tough condition.
We enjoyed talking about the winter olympic game today.
I was excited to watch men’s half pipe in news digest.


She feels thrilled to watch 2018 Olympic Games live. ライブで見るのはハラハラされるそうです。
___ team is leading 2-1

She finished in 2nd place!

She came from behind and finished in 1st place!
come from behind 逆転する

She won a preliminary!
a preliminary 予選勝利した!

Try talking about winter olympic game in English!オリンピックを英語で語ってみましょう!

Will you treat yourself to chocolat on Valentine’s day?

treat one’s self to ___ 自分へのご褒美 バレンタインに自分へのご褒美はされますか。

What type of chocolate is popular among your friends? Melty Kiss

お友達の間で人気のチョコは?! Melty Kiss だそうです! 美味しいですよね!🍫

I have acquired the taste of  ______ ~がだんだんと好きになる☆彡

She has acquired the taste of cilantro! パクチの味だんだん好きになった!

来週20(火)は スカイビルでお助け隊をします!是非ご参加下さいませ。

外国人観光客とお話しましょう! 14時 JR大阪駅 桜橋口出口集合!

Thank you so much! I cannot take my eyes off the Olympics!