2018.04.22 Free Talk & Business English

13:00~13:50 Free Talk (3 students)

We began with an article and then discussion about Ohtani-san, the Japanese baseball start in the USA.

14:00~14:50 Free Talk (4 students)

We discussed the pros and cons of being able to genetically engineer your baby – choosing eye color, hair color, etc. Some very interesting opinions were expressed!

15:00~15:50 Business English (3 students)

We read a business case study of Boeing vs. Airbus, and whether government industrial policy is a good thing for certain industries.

16:00~16:50 Business English (3 students)

We read an article on insect protein as a new food source for the future.


2018.4.22 Sunday: リアルな日常生活英語、アート&クラフト、発音マスター

Such a pleasant day~ ^3^/

11:00 ~ 12:00 2 Students

We did about numbers today! 色々な数字を言ってみながら、…teen & ….ty を気をつけながら練習うしました!13, 30 / 14, 40/ 15, 50/ 60, 16/ 70, 17/ 18, 80/ 19, 90

Vocabulary Practice は Convert を使って色んな currency にかえてみました~

1. Eg. I’d like to convert yen to dollars.
-I’d like to convert ___ to ___.

2. Eg. I’d like to convert 10,000 yen to dollars.
-I’d like to convert (numbers)  ___ to ___.
-I’d like to convert 100 dollars to real.
-I’d like to convert 1 billion yen to dollars.

Conversation Practice もやりました!Staff and customerシナリオで練習しました~

C: I’d like/Can I have the waffles with coffee.
S: OK/Sure/Of course that will be 12 dollars.

12:00 ~ 13:00 1 Student

We did monogram! Monogram is making your initial (name) into a logo! 真剣に皆さんやってて、上手に出来上がってました!
I wanna see it when it’s finished~ 😉

13:00 ~ 14:00 5 Students

今日は~リクエストをもらった A /æ/ and E /e/!
A /æ/は口を大きく開けて喉から手が出るアッっと声を出します。練習した言葉は、

  • Ant
  • Apple
  • Alligator
  • Angry
  • Map
  • Cap
  • Hand
  • Sad
  • Ask

Tongue twister に挑戦!
ndy’s band plays rat-a-tat.
-Andy’s _____ plays rat-a-tat.
-Andy’s guitar plays rat-a-tat.
-Andy’s son plays rat-a-tat.
-Andy’s alligator plays rat-a-tat.
-Andy’s triangle plays rat-a-tat.

E /e/は口をヨコにできるだけのばしてイッと声を出します。練習した言葉は、

  • Egg
  • Seven
  • Elephant
  • End
  • Men
  • Net
  • Neck
  • Test
  • Rent
  • Sent

Tongue twister に挑戦!

Emily’s hen (鶏)laid eggs this morning.
-Emily’s hen laid eggs this_______.
-Emily’s hen laid eggs this early morning.
-Emily’s hen laid eggs this afternoon.
-Emily’s hen laid eggs this midnight.
-Emily’s hen laid eggs this weekend.


Thank you all for coming! I had so much fun! I hope you did too!
-Biny ^3^/

2018.4.21 Saturday: イディオムとボキャブラリー強化&多読トレーニング

14:00~15:00  3 students

Golden Week, often abbreviated to GW in Japan, is a Japanese term applied to the period containing the following public holidays.
April 29th: Showa Day
May 3rd: Constitution Memorial Day
May 4th: Greenery Day
May 5th: Children’s Day

The Golden Week Holidays is a special holiday week in Japan that is from the end of April to early May.
We call it Golden Week because it contains consecutive national holidays.


連休consecutive holidays or successive holidays
大型連休は、long holiday season or long vacation と言います。日本語の大型という言葉に釣られないようにして下さい。長い休暇ですから。

来週の週末のように週末を挟んでの3連休は、three day weekend, 平日の3連休 three days off in a row と in a row で連続したという意味です。

有給休暇はpaid vacation (holiday), paid leave と言います。

I took May 1st and 2nd as paid holidays and got a long vacation.

Enjoy your Golden Week!

15:00~16:00 4 students

We read the article titled “Japan finds enough rare-earth metals to last 700 years”, which was very hard to understand!
Since this article was really an advanced level article.
久々に読み応えのある記事でしたね! 参加された生徒さん達も手応えを感じられた様子でしたが皆さんの読解力には Well done! と言わせて頂きます! 緊張と緩和の、、緊張に相当する上級レベルでしたが、恐れ入りました!

I felt summer in the air in the afternoon.    Have a wonderful weekend!

2018,4,20, Fri:リアルな日常生活英語/パターンプラクティス/BF

15:00~15:50 8 students
18:00~18:50 3 students



前回のおさらいも含めてたくさんのnew wordsを紹介しました!

16:00~16:50 4 students

be excited about



19:00~19:50 4 students
20:00~20:50 4 students

The topic was “childhood”.
I asked students below;
-What scared you as a child?
-What did you want to be when you were a child?

I also asked them to create their own questions.
That was so fun to talk what we liked and wanted as a child.

Thanks for sharing your fun stories!


2018.4.21 Saturday Pronunciation Master; Free Talking

Tonight in Pronunciation class we practiced reading fractions like “fifth”, and long and short pronunciations of “oo” as in “food” and “book”.
In Free Talking tonight we discussed the good-looking gorilla of Nagoya zoo, ecosystem troubles and introduced species, and welcomed a new student with some interesting Q& A including recommended destinations in the Osaka area.

2018. 4. 21. Saturday: TOEIC 600, SB

11:00-12:00: 3 students
12:00-13:00: 3 students
14:00-15:00: 7 students
15:00-16:00: 8 students

Thank you all for coming!!



〈主語+助動詞+be動詞+過去分詞形(+by) ~.〉


・You will be invited to the party.


・A lot of money must be spent.


・The computer had to be repaired.

そのコンピューターは修理され(受け身)なければならなかった(had to)。

・I want to be woken up at 6:30 tomorrow.

わたしは明日6時半に起こされ(受け身)たい(want to)

Practice 1

  1. A decision must be made by tomorrow.
  2. My smartphone had to be repaired.
  3. Following the speech, dinner was served.
  4. The document needs to be referred.
  5. A large conference is going to be held tomorrow.
  6. Unusual animals can be seen in the zoo.
  7. The wall has to be painted by next Monday.

2. 受け身の現在進行形

〈主語+be動詞+being+過去分詞(+by )~〉

The room is being cleaned by him.


Practice 2

  1. The wall is being painted now.
  2. I think we are being followed by someone.
  3. The copy machine was being repaired.
  4. The furniture was being moved.
  5. A new building is being built there.
  6. My car is being washed.

リスニングでは現在完了形のhave been/ has beenと、受け身の現在進行形のare being/ is beingの聞き取りが難しいという話をしました!文脈で判断しなければいけない場面もあると思うので、意味をしっかりと把握しておいてくださいね!



仮定法 「~がなかったら」


If it were not for=Were it not for,  But for, Without 「もし~が(今)なければ」

  1. If it were not for music, this world would be very dull.
  2. If it were not for his advice, this project would not succeed.
  3. If it were not for water, no living thing could live on this planet.
  4. But for his help, I could not finish this work.

It it had not been for=Had it not been for, But for, Without 「もし~が(あの時)なかったら」

  1. If it had not been for his help, this project would not have succeeded.
  2. Had it not been for the accident, we could have been in time for school.
  3. If it had not been for the snow, the plane would not have been delayed.
  4. If it hadn’t been for the two men who rescued me, I’d probably have drowned.


  1. (          ) the traffic jam, I wouldn’t have been here on time.
  2. (          ) John, we couldn’t have survived that.
  3. If it had not been for his advice, I (          ) lost a lot of money.
  4. (          ) beer, I would (         )


I really enjoyed talking with you!


2018.4.20 Friday:入門トラベル英会話、パターンプラクティス

19:00-19:50  5 students


The most beautiful place you’ve ever been to


Journey/travel/trip の違いもしました:)


20:00-20:50  9 students

I’m willing to~ をしました^^


I’d love to を使いましょう♪


Best regards




2018.4.21 Saturday:SSB 単語編、SSB テキスト編

14:00-14:50      3students

15:00-15:50      2students






店内でお召し上がりになるのかという言い方はよく耳にするhere or to go,Eat in,Eat here,take out,take awayとたくさんあることに加えアメリカだと店員さんがとても早口な時もあるので焦ってしまいがちですよね(笑)





今日は助動詞の中でも厄介なmust/have to ~しなければならないの使い分け、have has の使い分け、Do/Does/Didの使い分けに着目しました。



Don’t forget to review what we did in class!

Hope to see you soon!


2018.4.17 Tuesday: アート&クラフト、リアルな日常生活英語、発音マスター

What a gloomy day with so many clouds in the sky T^T

14:00 ~ 15:00 2 Students

We did monogram! Monogram is making your initial (name) into a logo! 真剣に皆さんやってて、上手に出来上がってました!

15:00~16:00  6 Students

We did about numbers today! 色々な数字を言ってみながら、…teen & ….ty を気をつけながら練習うしました!13, 30 / 14, 40/ 15, 50/ 60, 16/ 70, 17/ 18, 80/ 19, 90

Vocabulary Practice は Convert を使って色んな currency にかえてみました~

1. Eg. I’d like to convert yen to dollars.
-I’d like to convert ___ to ___.

2. Eg. I’d like to convert 10,000 yen to dollars.
-I’d like to convert (numbers)  ___ to ___.
-I’d like to convert 45,000 yen to dollars.
-I’d like to convert 90,000 yen to dollars.
-I’d like to convert 55,500 yen to dollars.

18:00 ~ 19:00 5 Students

Today we did CH チッ and J ジッ!
CHは口を丸めてつつ空気を外に出し、喉の奥から、空気を口外へ押し出すようなイメージで、チ や チェにならないように色んな言葉を練習しました!

  • Chicken
  • Chop
  • Cheddar
  • Cheap
  • Cheapest
  • Chips

J はChみたいに息を出し、声を響かせてジッっと吐き出します。

  • Jet
  • Jump
  • Japan
  • Join
  • Jam
  • Juice
  • Major
  • Enjoy

Jack jumped for joy to get the jet toy.
Jack jumped for joy to get a/the_____.
Jack jumped for joy to get a jeep.
Jack jumped for joy to get a bridge.
Jack jumped for joy to get new pajamas.
Jack jumped for joy to get a jellyfish!

2018.04.18 Wednesday. SSB, トラベル, P.P

14:30-15:30 6 students SSB
15:30-16:30 7 students

18:00-18:50 2 students 5W1H
19:00-19:50 6 students SSB
20:00-20:50 6 students










1. When did you come here?

2. When did you eat dinner?


1. Do you want me to go with you?


2. Can you help me with this?


1. There is something wrong with my laptop.


2. I can’t put up with him.

Thanks so much for coming!!

See you on Sunday!!