2015.12.22 Sunday: Pattern Practice and リアル日常英会話

Pattern Practice 19:00~19:50 3 Students
Real Everyday English 20:00~20:50 4 Students

Pattern Practice
Some of the phrases we covered are:

-I see

-You’re right
-That’s true
-You have a point

That’s _____.
-That’s fantastic!
-That’s good!
-That’s awesome!

-I’m sorry to hear that
-I’m sorry
-That’s terrible
-That’s too bad

-Are you serious?
-You must be kidding!
-No way!


Real Everyday English
It was fun listening to all your guy’s stories from your part time job!

By the way, did you know that “Merry Christmas” in Hawaiian is “Mele Kalikimaka”?

Mele Kalikimaka and Happy New Year!



2015.12.23 Wednesday : SSB and パターンプラクティス

13:00~13:50 11 students
14:00~14:50 10 students


“I have already had three cups of coffee today.”(既に)
“He has not had any coffee yet today.”(まだ)
“She has just had a cup of coffee.”(ちょうど)



Question:”What is Janet doing?”
Answer   :”She has been watching TV since early this morning.”

since((いつ)から)をfor変えてfor three hours のような表現も出来ますね。
since 以降を”since she finished breakfast”にすると「朝食を終えてから」

15:00~15:50 10 students

前回の、some, any, no + body, thingに続いて
every, any + body, thingを集中的に練習しました。

Every/ Any member can attend parties.”

“Help yourself to anything/ everything on the counter.”

Thank you all for your attendance!
Wish you all a hearty Christmas and a lovely new year♪♪♪

2015.12.20 Sunday: Pattern Practice and リアル日常英会話

Pattern Practice: 11:00~11:50 1 Trial Student
Real Everyday English: 12:00~12:50 2 Students

Pattern Practice
For P.P, I only had a trial student so I shared some ways of how to improve your introduction in English.

Real Everyday English
Theme: 部屋 Room

Vocabulary words:
-Bunk bed
-Bath tub

Some of the sentences that we did are:
-Can you do that after you finish washing the dishes?
-Can you put the paper inside the folder?
-Can I have some tissues?

Thank you for coming!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


2015.12.15 Sunday: Pattern Practice and リアル日常英会話


Pattern Practice: 11:00~11:50 3 Students
Real Everyday English: 12:00~12:50 2 Students

Pattern Practice
How was +(noun)
-How was your meeting?
-How was your doctor’s appointment?
-How was lunch?
-How were your parents?

I’ve heard that+(subject+verb)
-I’ve that you got a new job.
-I’ve heard that you like to jog
-I’ve heard that you never been to France.

Real Everyday English

テーマは「At a cafe, talking about the people we like」でした!

Thank you so much for coming!




2015.12.22 Tuesday. Free talk.

Free talk. 7 ~ 8pm. 4 students.

Free talk. 8 ~ 9pm. 4 students.

We had a trial student in the class, so started with the usual round of introductions. Our trial student is a patent attorney, and I talked a little about my private students, many of whom, are patent attorneys, and lawyers. Ms. Y. told us she had lived in Singapore before, and also Germany, but realized recently, that she was out of practice in both languages, however, her work increasingly involves using English in emails, documents, letters, etc.  During the course of the first two classes, I taught some idiomatic phrases, which everybody then practiced in relation to their own life experiences, and opinions. Talked a little about new year’s plans.  We talked a little about Christmas, parental control of children, the increasing numbers of Chinese tourists in Osaka, and various other topics, but didn’t spend so much time on any of them.

Free talk (star). 9 ~ 10pm. 0 students.

Here are some of the things we looked at tonight…

Forbidden fruit (idiomatic phrase) = [1] Something nice that you  want very much, but are not allowed to have. eg. The doctor has put her on a strict diet, so chocolate, ice-cream, and cakes have all become forbidden fruit for her!  [2] (Particularly in the case of children) when a parent forbids a child to do something, the child usually wants to do it, even more because it has been forbidden.

Freelancing (verb) =  To sell your work or services to many different companies.

‘It’s (he’s / she’s ) a pain in the neck’  (idiomatic phrase) = [1] Something that you have to do, but really don’t want to, because it’s boring,  time consuming,  tedious, or you simply don’t like doing it. [2] If you say someone is a pain in the neck, you think they are an annoying person (probably because of their personality).

‘Pass the buck’  (idiomatic phrase) = To make someone else deal with something, that you should take responsibility for yourself.

‘Word of mouth’ (idiomatic phrase) = Communication that consists of comments (or information), that people make to each other in an informal way, which then passes to other people, but not formal communication such as news reports and advertisements. eg. About 30% of my ‘private’ students, originally started studying with me, through word of mouth (they heard about me from other students, I was teaching).

So, enough for today! Thank you so much for coming! If I don’t see you in class on Christmas day (Frid), have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! See you next year! Rita.

2015.12.22. Tuesday BF

10-11 3people 11-12 5people 12-13 6people
Thank you for coming today although it was chilly outside!
I enjoyed talking with you!!
cannot make it  行けない、来れない、間に合わない
I cannot make it tomorrow!
Thank you for your invitation to the Christmas party, but I cannot make it.
Becuase of the traffic jam, I could not make it to the meeting yesterday.
It was shocking!   I was shocked!
それはショッキングでした! 私はショックを受けた!
We were talking about stories of angry customers.
I was very angry! I got very mad!  She knows a very good expression! “make my blood boil”
怒ったお客さんのお話     よくご存知ですね! 血が煮えくり返るよう という表現!
~take care of の色々~
Please leave those used cups on the table. テーブルにおいておいて!
I’ll take care of them.   片付けるから
I take care of my cats.
She is busy taking care of her customers.
Have you traveled abroad? Where have you traveled to before?
海外にいらしたことがありますか。 今までどちらへ行かれましたか?
Wow! She has traveled to many different countries! Which country do you like the most?
She stayed in India for 2 month. The place she went on her way to Mumbai was called Udaipur.
It was such a beautiful city!
Are you a logical person or intuitive person?皆さんはどちら 論理的? 直感的?
When I travel abroad, I play it by ear! 旅行するときは臨機応変にやる、行き当たりばったり
You looked very cute in the blue Indian sally in your picture!
You must be busy working at two different places! He wears two hats!  お仕事先が増えて忙しそう!二束のわらじ!
でもいい経験になるでしょうね! Now that he works with foreign people, he has more chance to speak English!!
Have you visited Mishima Sky Walk which is the longest suspension bridge in Japan! The view from the bridge is breathtaking!
http://japanistas.com/en/archives/49990  You should visit there if you have a chance.
I hope you had a fruitful year of 2015!! Thank you for your participation!
I enjoyed meeting you and talking with you!
充実された2015年を過ごされたでしょうか! 今年も有難うございました!!皆さまと楽しくお話させていただき幸せでした。
Would you like to join Otasuketai? We are going to go to Kitanotemangu for Otasuketai!
There will be a big market and many travelers will enjoy shopping in the market!
Let’s say hell to them!
お助け隊 年内もう一度ございます!25日(金)北野天満宮のマーケットに行きます!多くの旅行者が買い物されていると思います。
We met River Plate supporters from Argentina. They were enjoying sightseeing in Osaka. He liked ramen noodles, and she enjoyed sushi.
アルゼンチンよりRiver Plateチームのサポーターの方々に会いました。
Thank you again,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

2015.12.22 Tuesday: BF,★BF


18:30-19:30 3 students

19:30-20:30 3 students


20:30-21:30 2 students

Thank you all for coming again!




Merry X’mas & A Happy New Year!









2015.12.19 Saturday: TOEIC 600, SB


TOEIC 600: 11:00am ~ 11:50pm 4 students
TOEIC 600: 12:00pm ~ 12:50pm 4 students

1時間目: Part 単語テスト, 5,7
2時間目: Part 1,2

[Things we covered]
・I’m emailing to ~, I’m calling to ~.
・launch a new line of ~
・memory, memorabilia, memorise


SB(文法練習編): 2:30pm ~ 3:20pm 5 students
SB(イディオム&フレーズ強化編): 3:30pm ~ 4:20pm 7 students

When did you first ~? / When did you last ~?
The first time I ~ was… / The last time I ~ was…
wrap up, take back, look up to, look down on, keep up the good work



Track of the day: Sheppard – Geronimo

2015.12.15. Tuesday BF

10-11 3people 11-12 6people 12-13 8people

Thank you so much for coming today!! ご参加有難うございました!また、お助け隊でのご活躍ありがとうございました!ワイワイ楽しかったですね!

take advantage of complimentary tickets for stockholders       株主優待券を活用する

It’s so smart of you to use those tickets to make a long-distance travel. 優待券で長距離旅行のはスマートなアイデアですね!Will you go anywhere during New Year’s holiday using complimentary tickets for stockholders? 新年は優待券を利用してどこかお出かけされますか!

be curious to know知りたがる

We were curious to know what it was like to live in Fiji.       フィジーでの暮らしとはどんな物か知りたがりました。I’m glad she had a great hostfamily during her stay in Fiji.素敵なご家庭で良かったですね!

I would like to brush up my English.            My Japanese gets rustry.    英語を磨きたいです☆             日本語が錆びついてきた。

She looked relived now! She has finished graduation thesis! Congratulations! 卒論が終了して良かったですね!ほっと一息☆彡

turn out to 結果として~となった!

It was chilly and rainy outside, but it turned that we had a great Otasuketai activity today!  雨、寒い~!一日でしたが素敵なトラベラー達に出会う事が出来て結果として楽しい一日となりましたね☆ Thank you for your participation!ご参加有難うございました!  25日(金)は京都の北野天満宮の天神市に行く予定です!外国人観光客とお話しませんか!?是非!ご参加下さいませ!10時 京都タワー1F 入り口前集合!

Have a great week!