2016.01.31 Sunday ★Business English and Free Talk

Hey Everyone,

31st January 2016
Business English
1-2pm: 2 students
2-3pm: 2 students

Lesson One:
What did you do in the last week?
Genetic research and the effect on society.

Lesson Two:
Differences types of work contracts.
Resignation Vs Redundancy
Current economics of the world and the differences in salary rates and cost of living.
We didn’t get a chance to do more work on Improving Oral Communication so we will continue it next time. I will not be in next Sunday so I will see you all the following week.

31st January 2016
Free Talk
3-4pm: 6 students
4-5pm: 4 students

Lesson One:
Today was a medical English lesson. Started the lesson speaking about health care and ambulance cover. One of the students spoke about mental institutions and as I have a background in Psychology we spoke about mental Illness and how it is diagnosed.
Difference between someone who is depressed and someone who is diagnosed with Depression.

Lesson Two:
We played a game on the whiteboard which required students to swap items on their list with items on another students list. The aim was to make the most money.

Thank you everyone for attending today! I will not be in next week as I am going to the snow festival in Hokkaido~ Sorry for any inconvenience and I will see you the following week!

Emily 😛

2016.1.30 Saturday: TOEIC 600, SSB, BF


11:00am ~ 11:50pm 4 students
12:00pm ~ 12:50pm 4 students

1時間目: Part 単語テスト, 5, 6
2時間目: Part 1, 2

[Things we covered]
・be worth ~ ing
・現在完了形の受身 vs 現在進行形の受身


2:00pm ~ 2:50pm 6 students
3:00pm ~ 3:50pm 8 students

・疑問詞”How long does it take…”を使った質問練習
-> How long does it take from Japan to Hawaii?
-> How long does it take to graduate from university in Japan?
・Guess (推測する) + 疑問詞 S+Vの練習 (間接疑問文)
-> Guess what I bought yesterday?
-> What’s the time difference between Japan and Sydney?


BF: 6:00pm ~ 6:50pm 4 students
BF: 7:00pm ~ 7:50pm 4 students

・I’m particular about ~
・I had my iPhone stolen. × I was stolen my iPhone.
・online shopping


Track of the day: John Legend – Under The Stars (Live Performance with Stella Artois)

2016.1.30 Saturday: TOEIC800&パターンプラクティス&プレゼン英会話

11:00~12:00 6 students
12:00~13:00 6 students

14:00~15:00 3 students
15:00~16:00 4 students

16:00~17:00 1 student


2016.01.28.Thursday: SSB




How nice is it ! / What a nice place it is!




am going to ~ / will ~




awesome / wonderful / combine / movie theater / per week / once a month

Thank you for coming !


2016.1.29 Friday:F

19:30-20:30 3 students

20:30-21:30 4 students

It’s raining cats and dogs!

Today, we have focused on some of the misused English in Japan.

I will be introducing more next week!

Thanks for coming!



  • 15:00~発音マスター 4 students
  • 16:00~パターンプラクティス 7 students
  • 18:30~発音マスター 4 students
  • 19:30~パターンプラクティス 6 students (1 trial student)


one, two, three, eleven, twelve, thirteen



  • What do you like to…?
  • What kind of ..do you…?
  • How do you like to…?



  • How would you like your steak? ステーキはどされますか(焼き加減)
  • How would you like your wiskey? ウィスキーの飲み方は?

Thank you very much!


2016.1.29. Friday. Free talking.

Free talk.  12 ~ 1pm. = 1 student.

Free talk.    1 ~ 2pm. = 1 student.

In the first class I met Ms. N. for the first time, so we spent some time in introductions. She told me about her job, as a mid-wife nurse. We talked about a training seminar she had recently attended in Tokyo, connected to her job. This seminar was about the problem of ‘breast-feeding’ vs. baby’s milk formulas.  Recently, it seems that many new mothers, are unwilling to wait 2 ~ 3 days, for their own bodies to start producing the milk, needed to feed their babies naturally, and many of them have been convinced by advertising, that artificial mild formulas, are healthier, and more convenient, than breast-feeding. We talked about cow’s milk, and the methods used in the dairy industry, in order for the cows to continuously produce milk, that is actually meant for baby cows, and not humans. We talked about the Fukushima earthquake, and resulting nuclear melt-down disaster. Ms. N. had to go to Fukushima as part of her job, to give medical support to the army, who were dealing with the ‘disaster relief’ efforts at that time. We talked about Prime Minister Abe’s desire to change the Japanese constitution, concerning the self-defence army. We talked about the current ‘presidential race’ taking place in the USA. at the moment, and about some of the candidates.

In the second class Ms. Y. told me about a seminar she attended last week, relating to the stock market, and what she heard there, about the stock market ‘trends’ for the near future. Here are some of the words we looked at today…

Artificial (adjective) =  Made by people and used instead of something natural.
eg.   Professional tomato growers use both natural and artificial light, while growing their tomatoes.

Chai (noun) =  A type of Indian milky, sweet, flavoured tea, usually served in Indian restaurants, and often sold in cafés.

Chai masala (noun) = A mixture of 5 ~ 6 spices used for flavoring chai.

Racist (noun) = Someone who does not like, or respect people, who belong to races, that are different from their own, and who believes that their own race, is better than others. eg. It is well known, that Donald Trump (one of the American presidential candidates), is a very strong racist!

Recommend (verb) = To advise someone, that they should do something. eg. I recommended the student, to use the Macmillan online Dictionary.

Weird (adjective) = Strange and unusual, sometimes in a way that upsets you, or makes you feel uncomfortable. eg. In the middle of the night, I woke-up from a very weird dream, and couldn’t go back to sleep for a while.

So, enough for today! Thank you for coming to my classes today. Have a great weekend. See you next time! Rita.



2016.1.26.Tuesday BF

10-11 2people 11-12 3people 12-13 4people

Thank you so much for coming today! 有難うございました!
go bankrupt 倒産する
It was very shocking to know that my favorite cafe went bankrupt.
get a refund 返金してもらう
She canceled her trip at the last minute, so she did not get a refund.  
I have a non-refundable airplane ticket. 返金不能なチケット
walk-in customers 飛び込み客
Walk-in customers are always welcomed!! 飛び込み客はいつでも大歓迎!
We talked about English cafes! She told us that Kinki University’s English village called e-cube is going to open to the public from February until the end of March! She highly recommended the English village since she had an enjoybale time there. She felt happy to see people enjoying the time there. 近畿大学の英語村 e-cube が来月一般向けに期間限定でオープンするそうです! いらした事のある生徒さんがとても楽しかった!参加している人々が楽しそうに過ごしていたのが印象的だったそうです!一度行ってみたい!Check it out!
How was your trip to Guam? I hope you enjoyed sightseeing and walking along the beach with your co-wokers. There were Japanese speaking staff wherever she visited. WOW!! グアム旅行はいかがでしたか The skewers she tried must have been delicious! skewers 串もの
屋台で召し上がった串もの 美味しかったでしょうね!楽しいお話有難うございました!
chicken skewers            octopus skewers     I saw people enjoying eating octopus skewers in NIshiki Market. 錦市場でたこ串を楽しそうに食べる人々を見た。 A few seconds later I bought one. 2,3秒後には買っていた。
bland food  味気ない食べ物
The pasta I ate yesterday was very bland. You need to season with salt and pepper.
season with salt and pepper 塩と胡椒で味付けする
force 人 to 無理やりさせる
My friend forced me to try bungy jumping. 友が無理やり私にバンジーさせた
Thank you for coming again! I enjoyed talking with you!
お助け隊 ご報告!
Great job!! Thank you so much for joining Otasuketai in the COLD! Velco students were very enthusiastic about talking with travelers! I was very happy about their attitude! 寒い中お助け隊へのご参加大変有難うございました。生徒さん達が意気込んでおられるのが嬉しかったです!
We met four boys from Australia! They reminded us of One Direction! They were students from Brisben and they mainly enjoyed snowboarding in Hakuba. They said the snow in Hakuba was much better than the one of Australia.
 本日は梅田スカイビルに行きましたが外国人観光客はゼロ!、これは初めて。。と大阪駅に戻ろうとしたときOne Direction っぽい4人組の旅行者に出会えました!オーストラリアの学生さん達 クリスマス休暇で3週間旅行を楽しんでおられるとの事。ほとんどは白馬のスキー&スノボーを楽しまれたそうです。
We also met a traveler from Finland! He has been travelling different countries for 6 months! We talked about Japanese comedians and he showed us a movie of Egg Man who is one of the most popular comedians in Finland.その後一人で旅行されていたフィンランド人男性に出会い会社経営などの仕事を離れた後6か月間世界旅行されているとの事でした。日本のコメディアンの話をするとフィンランドではEGG MANというコメディアンが人気、動画も見せて下さいました!(^_^)
 2月 外国人観光客お助け隊     楽しいですよ!是非 ご参加下さいませ!

223日(火)大阪 梅田スカイビル



Let’s enjoy talking with foreign travelers!

京都:午前10時 京都タワー1F入り口前 集合  

大阪:午後2時 JR大阪駅 桜橋口 集合!  



お助け隊準備講座 四条校 木曜14:00~ 金曜20:30~もございます!


2016.1.28 Thursday : BF


19:00~20:00 – 8 students

20:00~21:00 – 6 students


Hi everybody!!

Thank you so much for coming to my class tonight^^


Let me first share some happiness with you!!!

☆Today’s is the birthday of one of the students’.

★One student is picking out her wedding dress this weekend.

I am so much happy hearing them♪


It was pleasure that we got quite a few people in class tonight.

Although this class was mainly conducted in a pair-work based style, it was nice talking about number of topics with you. Let me share some of the findings that I have got.


  1. What do you define yourself with one 漢字?

Here are some of them students actually thought up.

■「変」… represents her determination of 2016

■「動」… represents his personality, keeping himself “active”

■「尼」… represents her identity that she is from 尼崎

■「勝」… represents her identity (*the 漢字 is used in her last name) and determination(=victory)


  1. No “GUM” in Singapore

According to a student, the government in Singapore legally bans its citizens and visitors from eating gum for environmental protection.


  1. “Indonesian”; Your second foreign language!?

According to a student, Indonesian is a relatively easy language to pick up for Japanese. (*needless to say, there is no such thing as “easy” when doing language) Indonesia is economically becoming stronger and is a center of ASEAN, so it is expected that there will be high demand for Japanese to speak Indonesian in the future.


There was much discovery tonight!

Thank you!!

See you soon.