2016.1.29. Friday. Free talking.

Free talk.  12 ~ 1pm. = 1 student.

Free talk.    1 ~ 2pm. = 1 student.

In the first class I met Ms. N. for the first time, so we spent some time in introductions. She told me about her job, as a mid-wife nurse. We talked about a training seminar she had recently attended in Tokyo, connected to her job. This seminar was about the problem of ‘breast-feeding’ vs. baby’s milk formulas.  Recently, it seems that many new mothers, are unwilling to wait 2 ~ 3 days, for their own bodies to start producing the milk, needed to feed their babies naturally, and many of them have been convinced by advertising, that artificial mild formulas, are healthier, and more convenient, than breast-feeding. We talked about cow’s milk, and the methods used in the dairy industry, in order for the cows to continuously produce milk, that is actually meant for baby cows, and not humans. We talked about the Fukushima earthquake, and resulting nuclear melt-down disaster. Ms. N. had to go to Fukushima as part of her job, to give medical support to the army, who were dealing with the ‘disaster relief’ efforts at that time. We talked about Prime Minister Abe’s desire to change the Japanese constitution, concerning the self-defence army. We talked about the current ‘presidential race’ taking place in the USA. at the moment, and about some of the candidates.

In the second class Ms. Y. told me about a seminar she attended last week, relating to the stock market, and what she heard there, about the stock market ‘trends’ for the near future. Here are some of the words we looked at today…

Artificial (adjective) =  Made by people and used instead of something natural.
eg.   Professional tomato growers use both natural and artificial light, while growing their tomatoes.

Chai (noun) =  A type of Indian milky, sweet, flavoured tea, usually served in Indian restaurants, and often sold in cafés.

Chai masala (noun) = A mixture of 5 ~ 6 spices used for flavoring chai.

Racist (noun) = Someone who does not like, or respect people, who belong to races, that are different from their own, and who believes that their own race, is better than others. eg. It is well known, that Donald Trump (one of the American presidential candidates), is a very strong racist!

Recommend (verb) = To advise someone, that they should do something. eg. I recommended the student, to use the Macmillan online Dictionary.

Weird (adjective) = Strange and unusual, sometimes in a way that upsets you, or makes you feel uncomfortable. eg. In the middle of the night, I woke-up from a very weird dream, and couldn’t go back to sleep for a while.

So, enough for today! Thank you for coming to my classes today. Have a great weekend. See you next time! Rita.





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