2016.01.31 Sunday ★Business English and Free Talk

Hey Everyone,

31st January 2016
Business English
1-2pm: 2 students
2-3pm: 2 students

Lesson One:
What did you do in the last week?
Genetic research and the effect on society.

Lesson Two:
Differences types of work contracts.
Resignation Vs Redundancy
Current economics of the world and the differences in salary rates and cost of living.
We didn’t get a chance to do more work on Improving Oral Communication so we will continue it next time. I will not be in next Sunday so I will see you all the following week.

31st January 2016
Free Talk
3-4pm: 6 students
4-5pm: 4 students

Lesson One:
Today was a medical English lesson. Started the lesson speaking about health care and ambulance cover. One of the students spoke about mental institutions and as I have a background in Psychology we spoke about mental Illness and how it is diagnosed.
Difference between someone who is depressed and someone who is diagnosed with Depression.

Lesson Two:
We played a game on the whiteboard which required students to swap items on their list with items on another students list. The aim was to make the most money.

Thank you everyone for attending today! I will not be in next week as I am going to the snow festival in Hokkaido~ Sorry for any inconvenience and I will see you the following week!

Emily 😛



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