2016.2.29 Monday: Free Talking

Free Talking

7:30-8:30 2 People

8:30-9:30 3 People


Hello everyone,


Today we first talked about barbers in Japan and shaving/getting a hair cut. From there, we talked about some of the differences between barbers elsewhere like in Canada. We talked about how Japanese are good at skilled work with their hands, and we talked about Japanese crafts and products.

We talked about both husband and wife working, and we also talked about what a Japanese joshikai is like. It sounds interesting, though maybe not for the men in our group!


We talked about cooking, and also about video games and social games. And we also talked a bit about politics and the LDP!


Only a couple new words:

“court” as in “court the elderly vote”

base as in the “voter base of a political party”



2016.2.22 Monday: Free Talking

Free Talking

7:30-8:30 1 Person

8:30-9:30 2 People

For the first hour, we talked about the student’s experience with his medical condition. We talked about his time in Nebraska, as well as his currents efforts to re-learn both English and Japanese.


In the second hour, we talked first a bit about specific words from canada like toque and poutine. We talked from there about food in general, such as Japanese nabe and spicey food, as well as the time of day we eat.










Pop (as in a soda drink)

“got some kick”


2016.2.29 Monday Pronunciation Master, リアルな日常生活英会話, Beginner Free Talking

Pronunciation Master 6:30-7:20pm 2 students
Tonight we practiced identifying silent letters.
リアルな日常生活英会話 7:30-8:20pm 4 students
Tonight’s topic was a “At the Dentist”. When was the last time you went to the dentist? Do you brush, floss, and use mouth wash?
Beginner Free Talking 8:30-9:20pm 2 students

Tonight’s topics included: Naruto, classical music, and the Oscars. Yeah! Leo finally won one!

2016.2.27 Saturday: TOEIC 600, SSB


11:00am ~ 11:50pm 2 students
12:00pm ~ 12:50pm 3 students

1時間目: 単語テスト, Part 5, 7
2時間目: 単語テスト, Part 1, 2, 4


2:00pm ~ 2:50pm 11 students
3:00pm ~ 3:50pm 10 students

・間接疑問文 疑問詞バージョン
-> Do you know what time the cafe opens?
(直接疑問文の場合は、 What time does the cafe open?)

・間接疑問文 疑問詞なしバージョン
-> Do you know if the cafe is popular??
(直接疑問文の場合は、 Is the cafe popular?)

-> Do you know what time the cafe opens?
-> I don’t know why the cafe is popular.
-> Can you tell me where the cafe is?
-> I wonder if the cafe has any English speaking staff.


Track of the day: Nina Nesbitt – Chewing Gum

2016.2.27 Saturday : SB、SB(イディオム・語彙強化編)

SB             14:00 ~ 15:00 5 students
SB(イディオム・語彙強化編) 15:00 ~ 16:00 8 students 

♦14:00-15:00 SB♦
< フリートーク→前回の復習→文法→英作>
今週もみなさんに How was your week? に答えてくださいとお願いしました。
①the last A + that + B
②at last
③last but not least
④at most
⑤make the most of
⑥at best
⑦make the best of
⑧second best
⑨at least
⑩to say the least

①Let + 目的語+動詞の原形
③命令形+ and/or
grass/ exhibits/ Don’t mention it.

♦15:00-16:00 SB(イディオム・語彙強化編)


tap water/ barefoot/ run out of~/ after all/ make it/ take off/ go after

2016.2.26 Friday: TOEIC600

19:30~20:30 1 student
20:30~21:30 3 students






2016.2.27 Saturday リアルな日常生活英会話☆, Free Talking

リアルな日常生活英会話 5-5:50pm 2 students

Tonight we practiced using the phrase “I have~” and the appropriate verb form to talk about experiences.

Free Talking 6-6:50pm 6 students
Free Talking 7-7:50pm 8 students

A fairly big group tonight, we talked about awkward moments with family and friends, books which made us cry or moved us, and bossy old ladies. (・w・)

2016.2.27 Saturday: BF


BF: 6:00pm ~ 6:50pm 2 students
BF: 7:00pm ~ 7:50pm 3 students


– How was your week?
– Under the weather
– The surprising thing you saw when traveling

– 3 wishes
– May your wish come true.
– I’ve always wanted…

Thank you for coming!

2016.2.27 Saturday: パターンプラクティス

14:00~15:00 7 students
15:00~16:00 8 students

今日は寒い中来ていただたきありがとうございました。The fluが流行ってるので体調には十分気をつけてください!
・how have you been?・ how’s it going?・ What’s new?・ What’s up?

Can I have~?
もし、レストランなど働いてたら、お客さんの8out of10から聞くことになると(笑)
Can I have some chocolate??
Can I have some chips?
Can I have a piece of cake??

その答え方のHelp yourselfなんか日本語の概念では考えれないですよね…
I don’t feel well
I have a stomachache, Maybe I got food poisoning.
I have a sore throat… I can’t go karaoke tonight.




ではまたお会いしましょう!See you soon!!


2016.2.26 Friday: F

19:30-20:30 4 students

20:30-21:30 3  students

Today, we have focused on different native phrases and participial constructions.

Next week, we’ll have more output by discussing a particular topic.

See you!