2016.7.31 Sunday: Free-Talk & Business English

11am~Noon 4 students
Noon~1pm  6 students
It was a fun class today!  The summer heat is on so it was nice to cool off in the Velco classroom.  Everyone brought forth great ideas during our discussion of new vocabulary words such as (deadly, insensitive, rebellious, prolific, naive, and envious), and in our various discussion topics.  Our conversations touched upon ‘describing our personalities though a specific color’, ‘describing what animal we would like to be and why’, and ‘whether we would choose more work we do enjoy or do less work we do not enjoy’. We also played a fun word identification game where one student described their  ‘mystery word’ to the class using other single words. As usual it was great to see all students pushing their comprehension and spoken English use, while expressing ideas and opinion.  Thanks!

Business English
1pm~2pm  2 student
2pm~3pm 2 student
Our primary focus in class today was brainstorming and writing on the idea of ‘Where is Japan succeeding and where is it failing today?’  As a group we compiled a list of ideas on the whiteboard.  From there, we all composed a written paragraph stating our ideas on the topic.  We finished this exercise with everyone reading their compositions, and then correcting grammar as a group.  We also shared ideas during the lesson on the discussion topic of ‘censorship in media’.  Students had some interesting thoughts on the topic that presented a unanimous opinion that censorship has no place in a progressive society.  Finally, our class touched upon new vocabulary words like (colleague, immune, mute, universal, reject, suspect, and bet).  We also played a fun word identification game where a student gives one-word descriptions in hope of the class guessing a ‘mystery word’ that only they know.  Thanks for working hard during our lesson!

2016.7.14 Thursday: BF


BF:19:00~19:50 6 Students
BF:20:00~20:50 6 Students

Today we learned about different 料理の仕方の英語. Some of the new words we learned today are:
Simmer the stew for ___ minutes.
Pickled cucumber
baked potato
bake the _____ for 15 minutes.


Thank you for coming!


2016.7. 30 Saturday:BF

5:00pm ~ 5:50pm  5 students
6:00pm ~ 6:50pm  5 students

hi, guys. thank you for coming today. let’s have a review of today’s class.

firstly, we had some new words. such as, relative, extended-family, adopted son, foster parents, take after, reunion, get-together, family tree, mother-in-law, niece, nephew, retirement home.

by using these new words, we talked about family. and in the second class we talked about public transportation in Japan and also in other countries. i feel sorry that we did not use the print-out i gave you today, i hope you could have a read by yourselves.

thank you. and hope you have a nice weekend.

2016.7.30 Saturday: TOEIC 600, SSB


11:00am ~ 11:50pm 3 students
12:00pm ~ 12:50pm 3 students

1時間目: 単語テスト、Part 5, 7
2時間目: Part 7, 2, 3, 1


2:00pm ~ 2:50pm 14 students
3:00pm ~ 3:50pm 12 students

・前置詞 with
-> I like travelling with my friends.

-> I drink tea with milk.

-> I study English with an app.

-> I like men with a beard.


-> Is this yours?

-> Whose money is this?

mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs, yoursの所有代名詞を練習しました。
Whose money is this? (Whose 名詞 ~ ?)
Whose is this? (Whose ~ ?)


Track of the day: Cash Cash – How To Love ft Sofia Reyes

2016.7.30 Saturday: TOEIC800

11:00~12:00 3 students
12:00~13:00 4 students






2016.7.29 (Friday) Free talking.

Free talk – 12 ~ 1pm. = 2 students.

Free talk –   1 ~ 2pm. = 2 students.

In the first class, we talked about Brexit. As some of you can guess, the word ‘Brexit’ was created, by combining  the word ‘Britain’ with ‘exit’!  Recently there are a few commonly used ‘new’ words, that have been created in the news media, which have now been entered, into the ‘open crowdsourcing’ section, of the Macmillan Online dictionary, that will eventually be ‘officially’ entered into the ‘regular’ Macmillan dictionary. Two words we looked at today, were created by combining (joining) the word ‘Brexit’, with another word(or words). For example, ‘Brexit’ + ‘existence’ = ‘Brexistence’, and ‘regret’ + ‘Brexit’+ ‘eer'(suffix) = ‘Regrexiteer’. (You will find an explanation of their meanings in the ‘glossary’, at the bottom of this blog report). After this we talked about Bhutan. Mr. F. told us he was very interested in taking a trip to Bhutan, after watching a TV program, about the country. We talked about Bhutan’s very good ‘environmental’ laws, and also the importance the Bhutan government, places on the happiness of it’s people. In the second class Mr. S. talked about the many things he is busy doing, in preparation for his move to Holland. He also talked about his worries about being able to adjust to the European climate. Here are some of the words we looked at today…

Brexistence (noun) =  The fact,  or state of living,  or  continued survival of Britain (UK),  or the British people,  after the BREXIT event.

Conservation (noun) = The management of land and water in ways, that prevent it from being damaged, or destroyed. eg. The government of Bhutan puts great efforts, into the conservation of their country’s land.

Implication (noun) = [1] [usually spoken in plural]  The possible effect or result, of something that has happened, or has been done. eg.The implications resulting from the release of the Panama papers, forced the Prime Minister of Iceland to resign from his position.   [2] (countable/uncountable) = Something that you hint, or suggest is true, although you do not say it directly. eg. John resented his manager’s implication, that he had lied, when he called in sick, the day before.   [3] (uncountable) = The fact of suggesting or showing, that someone is involved in something illegal, or morally wrong.  eg. The investigative report clearly showed the government’s implication in spreading propaganda through the news media.

Regret (verb) = [1] To feel sorry or sad that something has happened. (Often used in formal public announcements.) eg.[A] (at the train station) = We regret any inconvenience to our passengers, caused by the delay. [B] (slightly less formal) = I regret that I won’t be able to attend your wedding, because I couldn’t arrange a flight, to get me to London on time. [2] To feel sorry or sad about something, that you have said or done.  eg.[A] I often regret, that I didn’t get a driver’s licence, when I was younger. [B] Have you ever done anything, that you regret?  

[Regret doing something] = I don’t regret moving to Japan.

[Live to regret something] = regret it later] = That is one decision he’ll live to regret.

Regrexiteer (noun) = Someone in the UK., who regrets the vote (or having voted) to leave the EU. eg. The first day after the Brexit referendum, we saw many regrexiteers being interviewed on TV.

Repercussion (noun) = (often plural) The bad effect(s), that something has, usually lasting for a long time. eg.  If Britain leaves the EU. there will be many serious, long-term,  repercussions to the economy.

‘Rolling up the carpet’ (informal idiomatic phrase) = When you are preparing to relocate to another city, or country, the many preparations you need to do, for example arranging a visa or work permit, checking your passport is current, arranging banking, buying suitcases or traveling luggage, deciding on, or buying clothing you want to pack, (possibly) officially disconnecting your house-phones, gas lines, electricity, etc. and also saying goodbye to your many friends, or social contacts (farewell parties), …all of those things, that keep you busy (especially in the last few weeks before leaving) is called ‘rolling up the carpet’. eg. Mr.S. is really busy ‘rolling up the carpet’, before leaving Japan, at the end of the month.

Enough for today! Thank you for coming! Have a great weekend. See you next time, Rita.

2016.7.27. Wed : SSB

18:30-19:30 (9 students)
19:30-20:30 (7 students)

もうブログをさぼりすぎて、、、、、本当にすみません( ;∀;)
But!! I’m done all of my exams! means SUMMER!!!!!!!! I have plenty of time to prepare for my class so hopefully I can see my many students during summer♪


1: 主語+動詞
They danced (happily).

2: 主語+動詞+補語
The weather is good.

3: 主語+動詞+目的語
I like baseball.

4: 主語+動詞+目的語+目的語
He told me this story.


I gave this to him.

I bought this for her.

6: 主語+動詞+目的語+補語
This made me sad.

7: There+be動詞+名詞
There is a bank around the corner.


This was not easy part but everyone seemed doing great!
Cant wait to meet you next time:)

2016.7.23. Sat : パターンプラクティス

14:00-15:00 (4 students)
15:00-16:00 (4 students)

今回のクラスでは、使えるフレーズとconfusing wordsを中心に学習しました!


▼I used to do sth

前は、よく~したというときに、使います。 I used to play tennis when I was in high school. 高校生の時は、よくテニスをしたなー。 今は、やってないけど、昔はよくやったって表現したいときに使えます。


terrificです。「ひどい」、「怖い」という意味がありますが、口語では「素晴らしい」の意味がほとんどです。 It’s a terrific idea! 「素晴らしい考えだね」 It’s a terrific day.「絶好調の日だね」 こんな風に使えます。

▼Chill out

“chill out”は「落ち着く」という意味になります。カフェでゆっくりしているときなどに、”I’m chilling out at a coffee shop.”友達と遊びたい時に”you want to chill out tonight?”というフレーズが使われます。Hang out、go out(でかける)とかと同じ感じでとらえてもらって大丈夫です(^◇^)

<Confusing words>

・lie (lie-lay-lain-lying) (自分が)横になる

・lay (lay-laid-laid-laying) (何かを)横にさせる

・fit (サイズ的に)合っている

・suit 似合っている


2016.7.20.Wed SSB

18:30-19:30 (8 students)
19:30-20:30 (5 students)

This day, we were doing comprehension questions with reading a fairy tales!
It was fun to do because the story was not the same one which we already know! lol

おとぎ話を読みながら文法を勉強したのですが、なんせ話がみんなが知っているのと少し違うもので混乱しましたね( ;∀;)笑



Once upon a time there were three little pigs.
One used a house with strew, one made a house with wood and the other build bricks…..continue


2016.7.28 Thursday:Business,★Business


18:30-19:30 7 students

19:30-20:30 5 students


20:30-21:30 1 student


Today’s Topic:

Write an Email about an item your trying to purchase overseas.

2時間目は、Business and Educationについてフリートーキングをしました!