2016.7.31 Sunday: Free-Talk & Business English

11am~Noon 4 students
Noon~1pm  6 students
It was a fun class today!  The summer heat is on so it was nice to cool off in the Velco classroom.  Everyone brought forth great ideas during our discussion of new vocabulary words such as (deadly, insensitive, rebellious, prolific, naive, and envious), and in our various discussion topics.  Our conversations touched upon ‘describing our personalities though a specific color’, ‘describing what animal we would like to be and why’, and ‘whether we would choose more work we do enjoy or do less work we do not enjoy’. We also played a fun word identification game where one student described their  ‘mystery word’ to the class using other single words. As usual it was great to see all students pushing their comprehension and spoken English use, while expressing ideas and opinion.  Thanks!

Business English
1pm~2pm  2 student
2pm~3pm 2 student
Our primary focus in class today was brainstorming and writing on the idea of ‘Where is Japan succeeding and where is it failing today?’  As a group we compiled a list of ideas on the whiteboard.  From there, we all composed a written paragraph stating our ideas on the topic.  We finished this exercise with everyone reading their compositions, and then correcting grammar as a group.  We also shared ideas during the lesson on the discussion topic of ‘censorship in media’.  Students had some interesting thoughts on the topic that presented a unanimous opinion that censorship has no place in a progressive society.  Finally, our class touched upon new vocabulary words like (colleague, immune, mute, universal, reject, suspect, and bet).  We also played a fun word identification game where a student gives one-word descriptions in hope of the class guessing a ‘mystery word’ that only they know.  Thanks for working hard during our lesson!



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