2016.9.29 Thursday: Free Talk

3:00-4:00 3 Students

4:00-5:00 3 Students

Today we talked about the popularity of certain names in Japan right now as well as name trends (Ex: when a movie comes out and many children born at the same time are named after the main character). We also talked about American names and how they can basically be anything the parent wants (Ex: Aiden, Ayden, Aydn, Aidyn, Aidenn, etc.). Other topics included geometry and rotations vs. revolutions.

6:30-7:30 6 Students

7:30-8:30 6 Students

Today there were many new students in class so we had introductions with the questions “What’s your favorite food and hobby?, Where do you live?, and What’s your life goal?”. We shared puns and jokes, and talked a bit about emotions.




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