2016.12.25 Sunday: Free-Talk & Business English

11am~Noon 2 students
Noon~1pm  3 students
I have a feeling everyone can probably guess the theme we chose for today’s free-talk lessons?  You got it right… Christmas!  We focused on discussion related specifically to Christmas, the winter season, and even some New Year’s conversation.  We shared our experiences and typical activities on Christmas, and the foods we eat.  We also talked about New Years in relation to cuisine, family, and activities.  A final question asked students to reveal a location they would like to travel to, to escape the winter cold of Japan. Students today chose a variety of locations including Australia, Bali, and Cuba.  Thanks for two great lessons and Merry Christmas!

Business English
1pm~3pm  1 student
Although it is Christmas we stayed on point today and continued with various advanced English learning exercises.  Specifically, we focused on conversation, using set words in sentence form, and reading comprehension from a newspaper article.  We started by creating questions for one another using set words provided. We checked for grammar and then gave verbal answers to each question.  This exercise is a nice way to combine writing practice with conversation.  We followed with a article related to the politics between Japan, Russian, and The United States.  While reading we stopped to discuss new vocabulary, and answer a series of questions derived from the content of the article.  Merry Christmas to all, and see you in the New Year!



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