2017.3.29 Wednesday: Free-talk / Business English


15:00 ~ 15:50  2 students
16:00 ~ 16:50  2 students

We started off today by asking what we did for the past week and if we had some plans for Hanami. Then we had some interesting discussions about different laws and rules around the world that stem from religion, culture and the social developmental history unique to the region. We talked a little bit about Japan’s plans on legalizing casinos as well. I asked “If you were able to write the law in your country, would alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and/or various drugs be legal in your country?” I very much enjoyed the contrasting views we had in our class.


18:00~18:50  2 students
18:00~18:50  2 students

We took advantage of the medical expert in our class today and had medicine and physiology 101. We talked about appendicitis and the human immune system. For the latter half of the lesson, we had some interesting conversations about ancient cultures both in the East and the West. It’s interesting because we tend to often think of cultural differences in spacial contexts (such as geographical locations in today’s world), but we seldom do so in temporal contexts (from a historical stand point).

Business English

20:00~20:50  2 students
21:00~21:50  3 students

Since, last weeks lesson seemed to be favored by many of you, we continued on today with the same theme. We practiced expressing Japanese 敬語 phrases, one may encounter in business settings, in English.

Thanks for attending. See you later.



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