2017.3.30 Thursday : Free-Talk

18:30~19:20 2 Students

19:30~20:20 2 Students


Thank you for coming!
It was wonderful meeting you, and I really enjoyed talking to you:)

Today was indeed a very free, Free-talking class:)
The conversation topics seemed to keep flowing, and we got to discuss several interesting points about travelling, language acquisition, and culture. We started off the class by introducing one another, and I briefly explained my past and background in English.
Then one of the students shared with us her experiences abroad and described some of the places she had been to. Specifically, she and I exchanged our experiences at the Great Wall of China and spoke about how massive and steep the path on the wall was. She also shared with us her trip to Egypt to see the pyramids. We then went on to discuss some old movies, music, and musicals we enjoy.

Another student introduced himself, and we ended up talking about his profession, which was stage-light engineering. The conversation shifted towards the traditional stage performances in Kyoto that start at the beginning of April, and eventually went on to stem out into shows in Kyoto and Maiko and Geiko performances as well as the exclusive clubs they are held at.

I enjoyed talking to you all about so many different and interesting topics, and I look forward to seeing you next class!

Again, thank you for coming:)



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