2017.12.26 Tuesday: リアルな日常生活英語,アート&クラフト, Free-Talk

今日で今年の最後のクラス〜 みなさん休みはどう過ごしますか?
私はノープランで過ごします〜 🕛

15:00~16:00 7 Students

What do you: DO? MAKE? SEE? COOK? EAT?
Where do you: GO?
Who do you: MEET? VISIT? GREET?

Do: Travel (egs; abroad, within Japan, hot spring), End year cleaning, Put up decorations, Have drinking parties, Watch year-end Music countdown, Watch fireworks (on TV).

Make: Decorations (egs; kadomatsu- pine and bamboo, shimekazari, shimenawa, etc), Travelling plans

Eat/ Drink: Mochi (Rice cake), Mochitsuki (Pounding of mochi), Osechi (Japanese traditional New Year’s food), Soba (soba noodle meaning to have a long good year ahead of us.), Amasaki (sweet hot sake)

Go: To Shrines, To Temples, Aboard, To different cities, Hot springs, Relatives house, Friends’ house.

Visit: Friends, Families, Grandparents

お正月に関係する言葉もやりました、Crowded, shopping, allowance/ pocket money (お年玉、おこずかい).
What’s a ______?
What’s ______?

It’s a type of______. Its a kind of ______.

When do you wear it?
When do you eat?
How do you eat it?
How do you cook it?
What do you do there? 例えば、

A: What’s Osechi?
B: It’s a Japanese traditional dish that combines a lot of different kinds of dishes in a bento box.
A: When do you eat it?
B: We eat it for lunch or breakfast.


16:00 ~ 17:00 2 Students
18:00 ~ 19:00 1 Student

先週と同じNew Year Mobile/ お正月モビール!を作りました〜

Everyone’s hanging mobile looks great!

New year mobile (P2).jpg

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have a great New Year with your friends and family!
See you next year everyone~ 🎆🍻




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