2018. 4. 21. Saturday: TOEIC 600, SB

11:00-12:00: 3 students
12:00-13:00: 3 students
14:00-15:00: 7 students
15:00-16:00: 8 students

Thank you all for coming!!



〈主語+助動詞+be動詞+過去分詞形(+by) ~.〉


・You will be invited to the party.


・A lot of money must be spent.


・The computer had to be repaired.

そのコンピューターは修理され(受け身)なければならなかった(had to)。

・I want to be woken up at 6:30 tomorrow.

わたしは明日6時半に起こされ(受け身)たい(want to)

Practice 1

  1. A decision must be made by tomorrow.
  2. My smartphone had to be repaired.
  3. Following the speech, dinner was served.
  4. The document needs to be referred.
  5. A large conference is going to be held tomorrow.
  6. Unusual animals can be seen in the zoo.
  7. The wall has to be painted by next Monday.

2. 受け身の現在進行形

〈主語+be動詞+being+過去分詞(+by )~〉

The room is being cleaned by him.


Practice 2

  1. The wall is being painted now.
  2. I think we are being followed by someone.
  3. The copy machine was being repaired.
  4. The furniture was being moved.
  5. A new building is being built there.
  6. My car is being washed.

リスニングでは現在完了形のhave been/ has beenと、受け身の現在進行形のare being/ is beingの聞き取りが難しいという話をしました!文脈で判断しなければいけない場面もあると思うので、意味をしっかりと把握しておいてくださいね!



仮定法 「~がなかったら」


If it were not for=Were it not for,  But for, Without 「もし~が(今)なければ」

  1. If it were not for music, this world would be very dull.
  2. If it were not for his advice, this project would not succeed.
  3. If it were not for water, no living thing could live on this planet.
  4. But for his help, I could not finish this work.

It it had not been for=Had it not been for, But for, Without 「もし~が(あの時)なかったら」

  1. If it had not been for his help, this project would not have succeeded.
  2. Had it not been for the accident, we could have been in time for school.
  3. If it had not been for the snow, the plane would not have been delayed.
  4. If it hadn’t been for the two men who rescued me, I’d probably have drowned.


  1. (          ) the traffic jam, I wouldn’t have been here on time.
  2. (          ) John, we couldn’t have survived that.
  3. If it had not been for his advice, I (          ) lost a lot of money.
  4. (          ) beer, I would (         )


I really enjoyed talking with you!





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