2018.9.22 Saturday: イディオムとボキャブラリー強化&多読トレーニング

14:00~15:00  2 students

Common English Idioms for today

1. a piece of cake : A very easy task or accomplishment
You shouldn’t worry about the exam because you have prepared well and you’ll probably find it a piece of cake.

2.have your cake and eat it: Used for expressing the impossibility of having something both ways, if those two ways conflict.
The trouble with you is that you are a bit selfish and your sole philosophy is to have your cake and eat it.

3.To drop it like a hot potato.: to quickly stop being involved with someone or something because you stop liking that person or thing or you think they will cause problems for you
He dropped the plan like a hot potato when he realized how much it would cost him

4. a couch potato.: a lazy person whose recreation consists chiefly of watching television and videos (Slang)
He sits and watches TV all day and has turned into a veritable couch potato.

 5.in the soup : in trouble
Thanks to you we’re really in the soup now and I don’t honestly know why I ever listen to you.

6.cook the fatted calf: Prepare for a joyful occasion or a warm welcome
As he had been away from home for some years, they decided on his return to cook the fatted calf.

7. very fishy: Inspiring doubt or suspicion
There’s something very fishy about that story he told us because I can’t quite get to the bottom of it. (get to the bottom of it=真相が分らない)

8. like two peas in a pod.: very similar, especially in appearance
Their mother always describes her twin sons as like two peas in a pod.

9.have got egg on his face.: you look stupid because of something that you have done:
This latest scandal has left the government with egg on its face.



15:00~16:00  3 students

今日は英字新聞の記事から“Pricey new iPhones make debut in Japan”と題されたI-Phoneの最新モデル発売について書かれた記事を読みました。専門的な語彙はともかく、皆さんスムーズに読解されていきました! Good Job!

Vocab for today.
pricey, pricier, mobile carriers, processor, launch, eager buyers, retail outlets,
display, high-end, organic light-emitting diode display, respectively, affordable, liquid crystal display, dominant.

Thank you very much for coming today. Have a nice weekend.



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