2018.10.2.Tuesday BF

10-11 2people 11-12 4people 12-13 5people

Thank you so much for coming today! ☀ We had beautiful sunshine after a big typhoon.

Thank you for telling us about your trip to Okinawa. She sounded disappointed since she could not see beautiful emerald green seas. I’ve never heard of Kouri Island before, but it is surronded by beautiful emerald green seas. It is definately worth visiting Kouri Island.

古宇利島 沖縄県のエメラルド色に輝く海に囲まれた島 お天気が良ければ美しく見えたそうです。☀

It is worth — ing  ~する価値がある  It is worth taking TOEIC exam.  TOEICテスト受験する価値がある

What comes to your mind when you hear Autumn?  chestnuts  /  saury   / 秋と聞いて思い浮かばれるもの  栗、さんま、kiwi fruits  figs

What about marron? Is Marron French? Actually Marron comes from the word Marronier. Chestnut in French is Chataigne. 秋と言えば栗を思い出しますが英語ではchestnuts   栗は フランス語の栗(食用)はChataigne というそうです。

Grilled saury with grated radish is awesome! 焼き魚に大根おろしは最高!

What comes to your mind __ ~を思い浮かべますか。

I wish I had dimples on the cheek!    えくぼがあればなぁ。。 dimples えくぼ

Wow! They know a lot about art! Her favorite sculptures are made by Atsuhiko Misawa. His sculptures are very cute and heartwarming! No wonder why she is attracted to his works. 芸術の秋ですね。。生徒さんお好きな彫刻家 sculptor 彫刻家 三沢厚彦さん 可愛くて心温まる彫刻で惹きつけるのが分かります。🐯

I like __①___ by Van Gogh.  風景画

The sculpture is ___②__ .その 彫刻は生きているようだ

I will go to an ___③____this weekend. 今週末展示会に行く予定です。I found an outside sculpture exhibition in kyoto! Please check it out! http://www.pref.kyoto.jp/bungei/news/press/2018/9/sculpture2018.html

➀ landscapes

② lifelike

③ exhibition


10月 外国人観光客お助け隊





Let’s enjoy talking with foreign travelers!

10月8日&18日京都タワー1F入り口前 10時  

10月23日(火)JR大阪駅 桜橋口 14時集合! 

紅葉の秋🍂 多くの外国人が訪れるでしょう!!  


お助け隊準備講座 四条校 木曜14:00~金曜20:30~/大津校18:00

初心者の方も大歓迎です!!是非! チャレンジ下さいませ  

It was very fun talking with you!

Thank you so much!




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