2018.10.13 Saturday: イディオムとボキャブラリー強化&Reading強化

14:00~15:00  2 students


1.I’m sure that he could make a better job of being prime minister any day of the week.
e.g. by all means, anytime, under any condition, no matter what, under all circumstances.

2.Don’t worry we pride ourselves on being helpful to all our customers and getting that booked for you is all in a day’s work for us.
e.g. it is a usual part of one’s job, perfectly normal.

3.Yes, we went away on holiday last week but it rained day in, day out.
e.g. every single day, done of happening every day for a long period of time.

4.You know what they said about radio that it had had its day but it’s still going strong.
e.g. stopped being popular, the period during which it was most successful or popular has now passed.

5.That last comment of yours won the day because nobody could possibly argue with you after that.
e.g. assured victory, triumph, to finally be successful in a discussion or argument.

6.We left the children playing in the park and they were as happy as the day is long.
e.g. very happy, extremely glad or happy, delighted, cheerful.

7.They got engaged about two years ago and at long last they have named the day.
e.g. said when they are getting married. To decide the date on which you are going to get married. (to specify the date something important will happen.)

8.I’ve been doing these exercises for two hours now and I think at long last I’m starting to see daylight.
e.g. see the end of the task. to progress to a point where completion of difficult task seems possible or probable.

9.I knew once the car didn’t start, saw it had a flat tyre and also that it had started to rain, that this was going to be one of those days.
e.g. a day when nothing goes right. a bad day, a day full of problems, difficult situation or unpleasant experiences.

Well done!


15:00~16:00  3 students

University to replace clapping with hand-waving. が今日読んだ記事のタイトルです。「拍手する動作を手を振ることに変えようとする大学?」なんのこっちゃですね!笑 しかし記事を読むとこれは深い内容で、個人的にはこういう人に優しくあろうとする活動が拡がる事には賛成です。

The University of Manchester Students’ Union voted to replace clapping with ‘jazz hands’. This is to respect people who are affected by loud noise. The ‘jazz hands’ wave is the British Sign Language’s form of clapping.



I won’t be able to make it to the next week’s lesson. Hope to see you at my lesson in two weeks.


Have a nice weekend!



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