2018.10 Saturday: イディオムとボキャブラリー強化&リーディング強化

14:00~15:00  2 students


1. Money is the root of all evil, so what’s the point of earning a lot?

(a)  bad for your health
(b)  the cause of greed
(c)  the reason for health
(d)  the cause of wickedness

2.In my opinion money talks and the little people are totally ignored.

(a)  rich people speak a lot
(b)  rich people have influence
(c)  rich people have too much money
(d)  rich people are not silent

3.She’s a really happy woman now because for once she’s in the money.

(a)  spending a lot of money
(b)  spending money quickly
(c)  got money to spend
(d)  got a little money

4.For my money I would sooner go on a cruise than sit all day on the beach.

(a)  In my circumstances
(b)  In my opinion
(c)  In my situation
(d)  In my time

5.He has very little to do but he gets well paid and agrees it’s money for jam.

(a)  difficult money
(b)  hard money
(c)  good money
(d)  easy money


難しいと思われた方! Come to my lesson and increase your idioms & vocabularies!
こんなの簡単と思われたかた! Come to my lesson and improve your idioms and vocabularies!


15:00~16:00  3 students (incl. 1 trial student)

“The problem with trouble” というテーマのエッセイを読みました。内容は所謂カタカナ英語を間違って使われた時に先生の方が少し恥ずかしい(ドキドキした)思いをしたという事例もあ書かれていて楽しく読める内容でした。今一度、普段何気に使っているカタカナ英語をちゃんと確認してみて下さい。

In order to address these “katakana” problems, I ask my students to pay attention to katakana words. I ask them to check the spelling, check what type of word it can be (an adjective, noun or verb), check whether it’s English, check its pronunciation, and then make a sentence. I call this procedure STEPS (Spelling; Type; English; Pronunciation; Sentence).

So, while a katakana word almost got my student into some trouble, there is at least one solution you can try (not “challenge”). I hope it will help with any communication problems. Good luck! (Not “fight”).

今日の語彙;to deal with, loan word, work in, a quick image search, equations, the tip of the iceberg, consent, get intimate with, a sigh of relief, power outlet, socket, look up,

Thank you for joining to my lesson today. Have a nice weekend!



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