2018. 11. 14. Wednesday : Reading and G2

13:00~13:50 1 student

We had fun with a questionnaire about emotional intelligence.

hide your feelings
criticize someone
defend yourself

Do you think it is very important that you can communicate well
with other people to live a happy and successful life?

14:00~14:50 2 students
15:00~15:50 2 students

<Then and today>

We’ve learnt how to express changes in the town.

used to be …
has replaced
has become

block of flats
pedestrian crossing

<Reported speech>

I say “I like animals.”
and you tell someone later, like this:
“Rieko said she liked/ likes animals.”
This is the basic form of reported speech.

In an activity, we read short text message from someone and
reported it to someone else.

Like this:
Message: Am eating in the diner. Will meet you at 5.
Report   : She says she is eating in the diner. And, she will
meet me at 5.

Thank you for your attendance!
I’m wearing a scarf today which means there is an autumn.
See you shortly<3



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