2018.11.20.Tuesday BF

10-11 3people 11-12 5people 12-13 6people

Thank you so much for coming today!本日はありがとうございました。!

She must have been relieved after taking an exam!試験が終わりホット出来ますね!

Thank you for showing us your photos of New York City. Wow! There are a lot of skyscrapers! He showed us a photo of One World Center that was built after World Trade Center collapsed. There is a beautiful shopping center near One World Center. It is called West Field World Trade Center. Its architecture is very unique. Thank you for your photos! NYのお写真ありがとうございました!ワールドトレードセンター跡地に出来たOne World Centerやショッピングエリアのお写真ありがとうございました。


If you have a chance to go to NY, Brooklyn would be a good place to stay!

Wow! Did you complete a full marathon? That’s great! Congratulations on your great accomplishment! フルマラソンに出ておられたそうで、完走おめでとうございます!㊗ He is strict with himself! He is so desciplined! 自分に厳しく熱心ですね!

I happened to see her at station.  happen to do たまたま~する

Beaujolais Nouveau was released on Thursday!  Have you tried any? ボジョレヌーボー解禁になりましたね
Have you already enjoyed Beaujolais Nouveau?
Do you like dry wine ? sweet wine?    earthy wine? 大地の香りがする


She lost her way back to her home.

Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow! Black Friday deals are available at Aeon Mall. Will you buy anything on Friday? She wants to buy a humidifier. I hope she will get a good deal! 明日はアメリカでThanksgiving Day 感謝祭が行われます。翌日はBlack Fridayというビッグセールが行われます。イオンモールでも宣伝していました!

get a good deal 良い買い物をする

Take care of yourself. She wants a humidifier


11月 外国人観光客お助け隊
紅葉 参加者大募集 紅葉
Let’s enjoy talking with foreign travelers!
京都:京都タワー1F入り口前 10時   
大阪:JR大阪駅 桜橋口 14時集合!  
お助け隊準備講座 四条校 木曜14:00~金曜20:30~/大津校18:00
Thank you so much! It was fun talking with you!!




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