2018.11.24 Saturday:イディオムとボキャブラリー強化&リーディング強化

14:00~15:00  3 students


  1. I’m sorry that looks awful — those two colours don’t go together.
        (a)  smash
    (b)  crash
    (c)  clash
    (d)  hash


  1. After what you’ve gone through, I’m sure you need a holiday.
    (a)  felt
    (b)  sensed
    (c)  acted
    (d)  experienced


  1. We won’t go into that now but I don’t think we can avoid the subject much longer.

(a)  discuss
(b)  enter
(c)  introducd
(d)  interrupt


  1. He’s gone right down in my estimation now that I’ve heard what he has done to his family.

(a)  I think often of him
(b)  I think a lot of him
(c)  I don’t think at all of him
(d)  I don’t think much of him


  1. My advice to you is to make your mind up before it’s too late and simply go for it.

        (a)  take the opportunity soon
    (b)  take the opportunity fairly
    (c)  take the opportunity now
    (d)  take the opportunity slowly

答えは1.(c), 2.(d), 3.(a), 4.(d), 5.(c)となります。レッスンでは夫々のイディオムの意味と選択肢にある語彙の其々の意味を勉強しました。


15:00~16:00  1 student

今日のリーディングのテーマは”Water talk”(水のお話)というテーマで書かれたエッセイを読みました。海外の飲食店での水の扱いの違いから改めて文化、生活習慣の違いを感じさせられるエッセイでした。

eat out, eatery, tap water, typically, make up, mindful, on top of, workload, get around, manpower issue, go a step further, definite, opt for A over B, resemble, blood vessels, hindering digestion, sweltering hot day, solid, helth benefits, versus, alien, warming up to.

It is getting rather cool in the morning and evening. Please take care of yourself!  And see you next Saturday.



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