2018. 11. 28. Wednesday : Reading and G2

13:00~13:50 6 students

Are you leading a modern life style?
You use a smartphone, do the laundry with a
washing machine, and clean with a vacuum cleaner.

There is a group a group of people who reject to
use any of those useful things which are necessary
in our modern life.

Guess who?

The Amish!

14:00~14:50 7 students
15:00~15:00 4 students

<Sour, bitter, and sour>

Do they express only tastes?
You can express weather, an face expression,
feelings and so on.

She is a sweet girl.
Their relationship turned sour.
I feel very bitter towards nasty people.

<Unidentified pronouns>

We worked on “somebody, nobody, anybody…..” and so on.

Well done!!

See you shortly<3



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