10/23 Tuesday F3

7-8 (2 attendees) 8-9 (3 attendees)

This was a great English Exchange.  I was to see new faces and work with individuals eager to learn English.  The lesson format evolved in the following manner.  I first introduced 3 keys to progressing and retaining information.

  1. Always ask questions ( If you don’t ask, you cannot come closer to an answer)
  2. write down words that are difficult for you (writing engages more sensory input, and helps to crystallize memory)
  3. Be brave (don’t worry about making mistakes)

We then discussed each persons reasons for studying English, and their specific objectives.  From their we discussed important aspects of their jobs hobbies and families.  Finally, we reviewed some information on how to learn to discuss topics without having time to prepare statements.  The aim of this was to eliminate “overthink” when engaging in conversation.  The format for the conversation practice was structured like a debate:

Position: I agree/ I disagree/ My favorite… etc

  • The reason I feel this way is…
  • For example…


An ability to freely and spontaneously complete ideas within a concrete structure helps to organize thought into a logical pattern that will aid in the comprehension of the ideas you are trying to communicate.

I had a lot of fun, and I look forward to coaching English learners moving forward.