2018.10 Saturday: イディオムとボキャブラリー強化&リーディング強化

14:00~15:00  2 students


1. Money is the root of all evil, so what’s the point of earning a lot?

(a)  bad for your health
(b)  the cause of greed
(c)  the reason for health
(d)  the cause of wickedness

2.In my opinion money talks and the little people are totally ignored.

(a)  rich people speak a lot
(b)  rich people have influence
(c)  rich people have too much money
(d)  rich people are not silent

3.She’s a really happy woman now because for once she’s in the money.

(a)  spending a lot of money
(b)  spending money quickly
(c)  got money to spend
(d)  got a little money

4.For my money I would sooner go on a cruise than sit all day on the beach.

(a)  In my circumstances
(b)  In my opinion
(c)  In my situation
(d)  In my time

5.He has very little to do but he gets well paid and agrees it’s money for jam.

(a)  difficult money
(b)  hard money
(c)  good money
(d)  easy money


難しいと思われた方! Come to my lesson and increase your idioms & vocabularies!
こんなの簡単と思われたかた! Come to my lesson and improve your idioms and vocabularies!


15:00~16:00  3 students (incl. 1 trial student)

“The problem with trouble” というテーマのエッセイを読みました。内容は所謂カタカナ英語を間違って使われた時に先生の方が少し恥ずかしい(ドキドキした)思いをしたという事例もあ書かれていて楽しく読める内容でした。今一度、普段何気に使っているカタカナ英語をちゃんと確認してみて下さい。

In order to address these “katakana” problems, I ask my students to pay attention to katakana words. I ask them to check the spelling, check what type of word it can be (an adjective, noun or verb), check whether it’s English, check its pronunciation, and then make a sentence. I call this procedure STEPS (Spelling; Type; English; Pronunciation; Sentence).

So, while a katakana word almost got my student into some trouble, there is at least one solution you can try (not “challenge”). I hope it will help with any communication problems. Good luck! (Not “fight”).

今日の語彙;to deal with, loan word, work in, a quick image search, equations, the tip of the iceberg, consent, get intimate with, a sigh of relief, power outlet, socket, look up,

Thank you for joining to my lesson today. Have a nice weekend!


2018.11.3 Saturday:イディオムとボキャブラリー強化&Reading強化

14:00~15:00  1 student


1. The audience held their breath as the magician started to saw a woman half.
to hold one’s breath には以下のような意味があります。

  1. intentionally stop breathing for a short period of time
  2. be excited, anxious or nervous.

1.の意味で言い換えるなら、stopped breathing となり。
2.の意味で言い換えるなら、watched anxiously となります。


2. In the end she lost her temper and told her daughter to hold her tongue.

hold someone’s tongue は to stay quiet despite waning to say something と言う意味ですので、下線部を言い換えるなら、be quiet で良いでしょう。

誰かが大きな声で、Hold your tongue! と叫んでいたら、「黙れ!静かにしろ!」という意味なので、静かにしましょう~!w

3. There’s no need to change any of the regulations this year as the old ones will still hold good this year, too.
この場合は be all right と言い換えれます。

hold good  は to be remain true, valid, or applicable という意味になり、具体的には、以下のような使われ方をします。

This rule holds good in any case. この規則はどの場合にもあてはまる。
Your reason does not hold good. そんな理由は理由にならない。

4.I don’t know what it is exactly but she seems to have some kind of hold over him.

hold over は to have knowledge of something about a person and to use that knowledge to control the person. 長ったらしい説明ですが、「コントロールする、影響がある、弱みを握っている」という意味になります。

She seems to have a hold over her husband. 彼女は旦那の弱みを掴んでいるようだ。><
Reading 強化
15:00~16:00  2 students

“Seeing the same” という題のエッセイを読みました。Readingのクラスでの教材をいつも探しているのですが、今回見つけたこのエッセイは単なる英語の勉強だけでは無く、本当に皆さんに読んで頂きたい素晴らしい内容のエッセイでした。語学を学ぶという事は同時にその言語の文化にも触れるという事です。どうか英語を通して、新しいそして素晴らしい出会いがありますように。


“Spot the difference”, commonality, focus on, emphasize, tap into, prejudice, gender, homophobic, misogynistic, sensational, attention-grabbing, in turn, notoriety, deserve, “Public service announcement”, wholeheartedly, inclusive, embracing, skeletons, emerge.


Have a nice weekend and see you next Saturday .

2018.10.27 Saturday: イディオムとボキャブラリー強化&Reading強化

14:00~15:00 2 students

The clear skies of autumn make me feel so refreshing! I like this crisp air.


1.If I were you, I’d tell her to go jump in the river (lake).

単純に違う表現では、go away で置き換えれます。この熟語の意味するとこは

to tell somebody in a rude way to go away or to stop doing something.という意味です。つまり、あっちへ行って! という事なんですが、本当に川に飛び込んだりしないように!

2.  I can’t understand why he doesn’t take the hint.

これは to understand what somebody wants you to do, even though they tell you in an indirect way. とういう意味ですので、「気を利かす」とか「空気を読む」という意味で使われます。understand the point. と言い換えれます。

3.  I should be grateful if you would let me keep myself to myself.

これは to spend time alone, not talking to other people very much という意味がありますので、be private と置き換えられます。「そっとしておいてくれれば嬉しいのですが」と訳して良いでしょう。本来の意味として、「内向的である」、「他人と距離を置く」という意味で使われます。

4.  I wish they would stop poking their noses into our affairs.

これは、interfering in と置き換えられます。「他人の事に首を突っ込む」という意味です。ちなみに、poke は最近SNSとかでメッセージの後に”poke”と書かれたりされた事がありませんか?それは親しい友人とかに送るメッセージの最後に付けてより親しさを強調したい時に使います。訳すのは難しいんですが、感覚的には、「~~~だよ!ツンツン!」みたいな感じかと、、笑


15:00~16:00  3 students

今日は日本の女性と結婚したカナダ人のエッセイを読みました。”My bilingual marriage” と題されたショートエッセイでしたが色んな意味で勉強になる内容でした。

Life is full of conflicts. People want different things. It can be hard to find a compromise that satisfies everyone. Especially in an international marriage!



When dealing with conflict, it’s important to find a compromise that’s fair and acceptable to both parties. Good luck finding solutions to the conflicts in your own life!



Thank you very much for coming today. See you next Saturday.

2018.10.13 Saturday: イディオムとボキャブラリー強化&Reading強化

14:00~15:00  2 students


1.I’m sure that he could make a better job of being prime minister any day of the week.
e.g. by all means, anytime, under any condition, no matter what, under all circumstances.

2.Don’t worry we pride ourselves on being helpful to all our customers and getting that booked for you is all in a day’s work for us.
e.g. it is a usual part of one’s job, perfectly normal.

3.Yes, we went away on holiday last week but it rained day in, day out.
e.g. every single day, done of happening every day for a long period of time.

4.You know what they said about radio that it had had its day but it’s still going strong.
e.g. stopped being popular, the period during which it was most successful or popular has now passed.

5.That last comment of yours won the day because nobody could possibly argue with you after that.
e.g. assured victory, triumph, to finally be successful in a discussion or argument.

6.We left the children playing in the park and they were as happy as the day is long.
e.g. very happy, extremely glad or happy, delighted, cheerful.

7.They got engaged about two years ago and at long last they have named the day.
e.g. said when they are getting married. To decide the date on which you are going to get married. (to specify the date something important will happen.)

8.I’ve been doing these exercises for two hours now and I think at long last I’m starting to see daylight.
e.g. see the end of the task. to progress to a point where completion of difficult task seems possible or probable.

9.I knew once the car didn’t start, saw it had a flat tyre and also that it had started to rain, that this was going to be one of those days.
e.g. a day when nothing goes right. a bad day, a day full of problems, difficult situation or unpleasant experiences.

Well done!


15:00~16:00  3 students

University to replace clapping with hand-waving. が今日読んだ記事のタイトルです。「拍手する動作を手を振ることに変えようとする大学?」なんのこっちゃですね!笑 しかし記事を読むとこれは深い内容で、個人的にはこういう人に優しくあろうとする活動が拡がる事には賛成です。

The University of Manchester Students’ Union voted to replace clapping with ‘jazz hands’. This is to respect people who are affected by loud noise. The ‘jazz hands’ wave is the British Sign Language’s form of clapping.



I won’t be able to make it to the next week’s lesson. Hope to see you at my lesson in two weeks.


Have a nice weekend!

2018.10.6 Saturday:イディオムとボキャブラリー強化&リーディング強化

14:00~15:00  3 students

Common English Idiomsという事で実際に英国の検定試験で出た問題から何問か一緒に考え、答えを探していきました。下線部を入れ替えられるのは(a)~(d)の中のどれでしょう?

He always took advice from his parents about being careful and never put all his eggs in one basket.

(a)  carried too much in one hand

(b)  relied too much on one plan

(c)  decided to do anything dangerous

(d)  planned anything exciting

Don’t worry we’ll see you’re all right.

(a)  look at you

(b)  look on you

(c)  look for you

(d)  look after you

What you need is something that will pick you up.

(a)  make you feel better

(b)  make you stand better

(c)  make you hold on better

(d)  make you stay on better

I simply can’t stand sugar in my tea or coffee.

(a)  can’t eat

(b)  can’t drink

(c)  can’t tolerate

(d)  can’t allow

I have a feeling that she’s taking you for a ride.

(a)  taking you in a car

(b)  pulling you along

(c)  trying to trick you

(d)  trying to push you

He’s always got his nose in a book.

(a)  hiding

(b)  reading

(c)  studying

(d)  looking

I think you’re asking too much of them as they are just children.

(a)  trying too much

(b)  saying too much

(c)  calling too much

(d)  expecting too much

If you want my opinion, I think this needs looking into.

(a)  examining

(b)  finding

(c)  searching

(d)  discovering

I think the time has come when you should put your toe in the water at least.

(a)  go for a swim

(b)  give it a try

(c)  feel the cold

(d)  give it a chance

答えは上から順番にb, d, a, c, c, b, d, a, dです。貴方は何問正解でしたか?



14:00~15:00   3 students

Can you imagine travelling to another country for work and then back to your home country every single day?


I hope you’re enjoying 3 day weekend. See you next week!

2018.9.29 Saturday: イディオムとボキャブラリー強化&多読トレーニング

14:00~15:00 3 students

例;bored to death というイディオムを覚える時以下のように1ページに纏めてみます。

Bored to death
意味: Very bored

Death is the worst thing, so using it to compare how you feel is telling someone that you are very bored.

How it is used:
“I have nothing to do. I’m bored to death.”
“I hate it when I’m bored to death.”
“Would you rather be super busy or bored to death?”

A: “Hey Seth, what are you doing?”
B: “I’m reading a book. What are you doing?”
A: “I’m bored to death. Let’s do something.”
B: “Sure. Come over and we can play some games.”

Other related common sentences
“I’m so bored, I could die.”
“I‘m dying of boredom.” あまりにも退屈で死にそうだ。

He’s dying of cancer.  彼は癌で死にかかっている。

be dying for something / to do something :
意味 to want something very much

I’m dying for a cup of tea.
She was dying for him to leave so she could get on with business.
I’m dying to move to a bigger house.
I’m dying to relax on the beach.
I’m dying to expand my business.




15:00~16:00  4 students

We read the news article titled Former Morning Musume singer Yoshizawa indicted over hit-and-run incident.

Vocabularies for the day:
Indict, hit-and-run, prosecutor, alleged, allegedly, investigative sources, on suspicion of, pedestrian, flee, breath test, culpability, apply for bail, the Tokyo District Court, debut, a public relations ambassador, step down from.



Thank you very much for coming today. Hope to see you next Saturday.

2018.9.22 Saturday: イディオムとボキャブラリー強化&多読トレーニング

14:00~15:00  2 students

Common English Idioms for today

1. a piece of cake : A very easy task or accomplishment
You shouldn’t worry about the exam because you have prepared well and you’ll probably find it a piece of cake.

2.have your cake and eat it: Used for expressing the impossibility of having something both ways, if those two ways conflict.
The trouble with you is that you are a bit selfish and your sole philosophy is to have your cake and eat it.

3.To drop it like a hot potato.: to quickly stop being involved with someone or something because you stop liking that person or thing or you think they will cause problems for you
He dropped the plan like a hot potato when he realized how much it would cost him

4. a couch potato.: a lazy person whose recreation consists chiefly of watching television and videos (Slang)
He sits and watches TV all day and has turned into a veritable couch potato.

 5.in the soup : in trouble
Thanks to you we’re really in the soup now and I don’t honestly know why I ever listen to you.

6.cook the fatted calf: Prepare for a joyful occasion or a warm welcome
As he had been away from home for some years, they decided on his return to cook the fatted calf.

7. very fishy: Inspiring doubt or suspicion
There’s something very fishy about that story he told us because I can’t quite get to the bottom of it. (get to the bottom of it=真相が分らない)

8. like two peas in a pod.: very similar, especially in appearance
Their mother always describes her twin sons as like two peas in a pod.

9.have got egg on his face.: you look stupid because of something that you have done:
This latest scandal has left the government with egg on its face.



15:00~16:00  3 students

今日は英字新聞の記事から“Pricey new iPhones make debut in Japan”と題されたI-Phoneの最新モデル発売について書かれた記事を読みました。専門的な語彙はともかく、皆さんスムーズに読解されていきました! Good Job!

Vocab for today.
pricey, pricier, mobile carriers, processor, launch, eager buyers, retail outlets,
display, high-end, organic light-emitting diode display, respectively, affordable, liquid crystal display, dominant.

Thank you very much for coming today. Have a nice weekend.

2018.9.15 Saturday:イディオムとボキャブラリー強化

14:00~15:00  1 student

Common English Idioms for today.
1.to send the wrong message: to do or say something that communicates a meaning different or contrary to what one desires, either implicitly or explicitly.
This sort of behaviour sends the wrong message to young people.

2.be unveiling: to make (something secret or concealed) known or public; divulge; reveal
The government are unveiling plans today for a new tax system.

3.to hear what you are saying: to know what you are trying to say.
I hear what you are saying but I don’t agree with you.

4、she sticks to her guns: to continue to have your beliefs or continue with a plan of action, even if other people disagree with you
You must admire the way she sticks to her guns.

5.run that past or (by) me again.: Please repeat what you just said.; Please go over that one more time
I’m sorry I can’t follow that, run that past me again.

6.keep your spirits up: do not get depressed
Keep your spirits up, it may not be as bad as you think.

7.to shoot oneself in the foot: to damage or impede one’s own plans, progress, or actions through foolish actions or words.
I’m afraid he shot himself in the foot when he took that action

8.no mileage: (informal) no advantage that you can get from a situation,
no future
There is absolutely no mileage in pursuing that sort of discussion.





15:00~16:00  2 students

I think you all know what the biggest country in the world is , in term s of surface area. Yes! Russia.  Then, what is the second biggest country in the world?  Yes, it’s Canada.

We read the article on Canada today.

国民性の比較とか結構面白く読めた記事でした。少し量が多かったけど、最後に感想を話し合える時間を残せる範囲で読み終えられたのは、、Good Job!


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2018.9.8 Saturday: イディオムとボキャブラリー強化&多読トレーニング

14:00~15:00  1 student

1. be up to ears in = fully occupied with, extremely busy with
e.g. He’s up to his ears in work and cannot possibly see you now.

2. give me a hand (lend me a hand) = to help someone with something
e.g. If you give me a hand, then I shall be able to finish more quickly.

3. face to face = directly, facing, in person
e.g. I prefer to talk to people face to face rather than to talk on the phone.

4. out of hand = at once, immediately, quickly
e.g. My boss dismissed the new proposal out of hand and said that it was not at all practical.

5. keep an eye on = watch someone or something carefully, observe
e.g. As she is new to the job I would ask you to keep an eye on her for the time

6. playing games = being light hearted, not taking things very seriously
e.g. The opposition in parliament accused the government of playing games and refusing to accept the seriousness of the situation.

7. talking through her hat = talking nonsense, to say foolish thing
e.g. He accused her of talking through her hat and refused to accept a word of
what she said.

8. out of harm’s way = away from danger, in a place where they cannot be hurt or
e.g. The police advised them to go down the cellar in order to be out of harm’s way.



15:00~16:00  2 students


leading currency, to put sanction on~, trade tariffs, imposed on, the International reserve currency, deficit, grave, abuse of, demise, emerging, trading currency, populous


Please stay safe!  See you next Saturday.


2018.9.1 Saturday: イディオムとボキャブラリー強化&多読トレーニング

14:00~15:00  2 students

Common English Idioms for today.

  1. pulling someone’s leg
  2. stick someone’s neck out
  3. stand someone up
  4. eat at
  5. to have a feeling in my gut
  6. get hitched or tie the knot
  7. turn me off
  8. ringing off the hook


1.pulling someone’s leg の場合は making fun of someone という感じになります。idiomの意味を理解するという事は単にイディオム辞典に書かれている解説を覚えるのではなく、英語で言い換えられるようにしましょう。

英語でのリフレーズ…結構面白かったですね! 今から来週のレッスンが楽しみです!


15:00~16:00  3 students (incl, 1 trial student)

I think that many people would like to learn how to play a musical instrument. Today, we read the article advising us how to choose the instrument to learn.

If you ask yourself about the following six questions, you might be able to find the right one.

  1. What kind of music do you like?
  2. Do you want to play with other people?
  3. Where are you going to practice?
  4. How much money can you spend?
  5. Are there any physical limitations?
  6. Still not sure.

Please feel free to contact me on every Saturday between 2 to 4 p.m.

Thank you very much for coming to my lesson today.
Hope to see you soon again.