2018.3.13.Tuesday BF

10-11 2people 11-12 2people 12-13 3people

Thank you so much for coming today! It got warm, but there’s a lot of pollen in the air!  暖かくなって来ました。でも花粉量が多いですね😢

How do you stay warm? Do you use a hand warmer?  Do you use an electric foot warmer? electric foot warmer  電気あんか

relatively  比較的

It is a relatively big company. 比較的大きい会社です。

I’d rather __   I’d rather drink coffee! むしろ☕が飲みたい!


She won a present in a lottery! ☺ She has won many presents in a lottery. 抽選で何度も大当たりした! I wish!!

I heard that cuctus would be the next food trend in Japan! Have you ever heard of cuctus steak? サボテンがこれから流行る!?そうですね。サボテンステーキ  cuctus thorns サボテンのとげ

The world’s most famous ship The Queen Elizabeth is going to enter Osaka Port tomorrow and next Thursday!  It can carry more than 2000 passengers! We went to Osaka Port for Otasuketai activity and met some passengers and crews from different countries last year. クイーンエリザベス号が大阪港に寄港するそうです 15(木)及び22(木)昨年お助け隊で見に行きましたね。乗客と乗組員とお話が出来ました。皆さんもいらしてみて下さい!多くの方々とお話出来ますよ!

I hope she will enjoy vising Taiwan!

Let’s go to a tea farm and enjoy activities!



Everyone is welcome! 大募集

We will meet at JR Uji station at 12:15pm

集合:JR宇治駅 午後12:15




Tonomura あるいは、info@velco.jp まで!





Sujinshinmachi yataimura! 崇仁新町屋台村There is a new attractive spot located just 5 minutes from JR Kyoto station! 京都駅から徒歩5分の所に出来ました!We sramen shops, a humbeger shop, a rice cake shop, and a kimono shops, and etc. You can recommend that foreign travelers go there. 🍜や、和菓子、👘、🍔など色々連ねています 夜は盛り上がっているそうです。
It was very fun talking with you!
St.Patrick Festival

St. PatricsDay Parade is going to be held this weekend! Check it out!

Thank you,



2018.3.6.Tuesday BF

St.Patrick Festival10-11 0person 11-12 2people 12-13 5people

Thank you so much for coming today!! お越し下さり有難うございました!

I feel spring in the air. 🌸 春めいてきました

We enjoyed learning about Costa Rica from you! It took almost one day to travel there! There were a lot of fruits such as watermelons,  pineapples, and melons. The cost of living sounded high. A scoop of ice cream cost around 1200 yen! A bottle of water costs around 600 yen at the airport!なかなか行けないコスタリカのお話有難うございました!!

Riding a tram in San Fransisco is one of the most popular things to do. She visited Ghirardelli Chocolate Company! I would love to go to Ghirardelli Chocolate festival. In the festival, festival attendees can compete for a famous Sandae eating event.  Ghirardelli Chocolate美味しいですよね!San Fransisco で立ち寄られたそうで チョコレートフェスティバルがとても楽しいと聞いた事があります。サンデーEatingコンテストもあるそうです。

I recommend you visit Kulanda listed as the world heritage rainforest. If you take a scenic train for about 2 hours, you can enjoy spectacular view and waterfalls from the window. キュランダ世界遺産の熱帯雨林 世界の車窓からで有名なキュランダ鉄道 美しい景色が広がる キュランダ駅~Cairnsまで2時間の旅 Cairnsからブリスベンまで24時間かけて行けるそうです。How did you like vegemite!?ベジマイト如何でしたか!?
It was fun talking with you!
3月 外国人観光客お助け隊
36日(金)京都 崇仁新町屋台村
327日(火)大阪 梅田スカイビル
331日(土)京都 東寺近辺予定
Let’s enjoy talking with foreign travelers!
京都:午前10時 京都タワー1F入り口前 集合  
大阪:午後2時 JR大阪駅 桜橋口 集合!  
お助け隊準備講座 四条校 木曜14:00~ 金曜20:30~          
大津校 土曜 18:00 ~ もございます!
Thank you so much! It was fun talking with you!


2018.2.20.Tuesday BF

10-11 7people 11-12 6people 12-13 7people

Thank you so much for coming today!

What is your favorite movie?  Love Actually    I agree with you. It’s a cute love comdey.
We talked about different types of movies. Do you have a favorite leading actor and supporing actor?
Do you like love comedy?  suspence ? mystery ? disaster movies?
leading actor  –主演俳優      supporting actor- 脇役

Dubrovnik is the stage of Kiki’s Delivery Service.
is the stage of __  ~の舞台です

__is a thrilling movie!ハラハラさせる映画 Jaws is a thrilling movie! ジョーズはハラハラさせる映画でした。
filming location   ロケ地
Many people enjoyed visiting filming locations from anime movie Kimi no Nawa.
君の名は のロケ地に多くの人々が訪れました

Her favorite place to enjoy cherry blossom viewing is around Okawa.
You can enjoy a spectacular row of cherry there!\uD83C\uDF38
桜の時期がやってきますね。 またお助け隊を大阪城で行う予定です!

Thank you so much for participating Otasuketai!
We met a quite of few people around Osaka station and Umeda Sky Building!
They were visiting Japan for their project with a university in Osaka.
外国人観光客お助け隊 ご参加大変有難うございました!初対面の外国人の方々とも

They were chrolegrapher and they taught students contemporary dance!
They were so impressed by Japanese skyscrapers! Those buildings were so modern and beautiful.
They were especially thrilled to see an escalater running between two buildings!



大変申し訳ございませんが来2/27(火)10-13時 BFレッスンはお休みさせて頂きます。
See you on the 6th of March!!! 3月6日(火)10:00~またよろしくお願い申し上げます!
3月 外国人観光客お助け隊


36日(金)京都 崇仁新町屋台村

327日(火)大阪 梅田スカイビル

331日(土)京都 東寺近辺予定


Let’s enjoy talking with foreign travelers!

京都:午前10時 京都タワー1F入り口前 集合  

大阪:午後2時 JR大阪駅 桜橋口 集合!  


お助け隊準備講座 四条校 木曜14:00~ 金曜20:30~          

大津校 土曜 18:00 ~ もございます!

2018.2.13.Tuesday BF

10-11 4people 11-12 5people 12-13 5people

Thank you for coming today!☀

Do you enjoy the Pyeong Chang 2018? ⛷
It seems that strong wind creates tough condition.
We enjoyed talking about the winter olympic game today.
I was excited to watch men’s half pipe in news digest.


She feels thrilled to watch 2018 Olympic Games live. ライブで見るのはハラハラされるそうです。
___ team is leading 2-1

She finished in 2nd place!

She came from behind and finished in 1st place!
come from behind 逆転する

She won a preliminary!
a preliminary 予選勝利した!

Try talking about winter olympic game in English!オリンピックを英語で語ってみましょう!

Will you treat yourself to chocolat on Valentine’s day?

treat one’s self to ___ 自分へのご褒美 バレンタインに自分へのご褒美はされますか。

What type of chocolate is popular among your friends? Melty Kiss

お友達の間で人気のチョコは?! Melty Kiss だそうです! 美味しいですよね!🍫

I have acquired the taste of  ______ ~がだんだんと好きになる☆彡

She has acquired the taste of cilantro! パクチの味だんだん好きになった!

来週20(火)は スカイビルでお助け隊をします!是非ご参加下さいませ。

外国人観光客とお話しましょう! 14時 JR大阪駅 桜橋口出口集合!

Thank you so much! I cannot take my eyes off the Olympics!


2018.2.6.Tuesday BF

chocolate.JPG10-11 4people 11-12 5people 12-13 6people
Thank you so much for coming in the cold today!
It was nice meeting you!
How did you know Velco?
She is such a foodie!
Her recommended Spanish restaurant is AMA-LUR.
She knew this restaurant by word of mouth.
by word of mouth 口コミで
グルメな生徒さんのお勧め、スペイン料理 Ama-Lur
というお店 口コミでご存知になったそうです。
She likes cooking and she makes Paella from scratch.
Wow! Saffron is very expensive.
She recommeded us use termeric instead of saffron.
termeric ウコン ウコンを使って美味しくパエリアが出来るとお聞きしました!
from scratch 最初から
There is a lot of chocolate mesmerizing you at Hankyu Department store!
Have you already visited there? A big Chocolate festival is held until the14th.
Some of them are too cute to eat. There are many different types of chocolate ice cream and
delicious freshly-baked Henri Charpentier chocolate financiers are enjoyed.
 阪急のチョコレートフェスティバル 多くのチョコレート大集合!アンリシャルパンティエ焼きたてお求めになれます!I’m a chocoholic!
We enjoyed listening to a story about her trip to Austria and the Czech Republic.
She was really impressed by CESKY KRUMLOV.
Thank you!
次回は2月17日(土)京都マラソンボランティア (現在募集終了)
2月20日(火)梅田スカイビルへ行きます! 14時 JR大阪駅 桜橋口集合です!
是非 外国人観光客とお話しましょう! 初心者の方も大歓迎です♪
It was fun talking with you!!


2018.1.30.Tuesday BF

CIMG481010-11 2people 11-12 3people 12-13 2people

Thank you so much for coming in the cold today!寒い中大変ありがとうございました!

We talked about our favorite bakeries.  Her recommendation is PARI-h in Daibiru. I’m glad she tried curry bread from Painduce located in Eki Marche. I like Painduce too since they sell chewy bread. chewy bread もちもちのパン  生徒さんお勧めパリアッシュ〔ダイビル内)是非行ってみたいです。駅マルシェのパンデュースのパン、美味しいですよね! カレーパンやクロワッサン、どれも美味しいです。ユニークなパンもあります!

Please be careful when you walk on the icy road! I fell down on the icy road.   I have a dislocated shoulder. 凍り付いた道を歩く場合気を付けて下さい!こけたり脱臼すると大変ですよね。

Thank you so much for joining Otasuketai today!Good job on talking with foreign travelers!!  It was very cold outside, but we could meet very nice travelers from Canada, California and Australia! 寒い中お助け隊ご参加も有難うございました!初めて挑戦頂き、外国人とお話下さって有難うございました!

She was travelling by herself from Vancouver. She was going to meet her friend in Tokyo. She gave us a lot of information about Vancouver. Things you should try in Canada.  Many individual cafes, sockey salmon, and king crabs, French onion soup, and mussles. A cat cafe opened in Vancouver. People in Vancouver loves bicycling and stop by a cafe. It was very fun talking with travelers. wasn’t it? スカイビルではとても素敵な旅行者に出会いましたね! バンクーバーの良い所沢山教えて頂きました。個人経営のカフェ、Sockey salmon というサーモン、King crabs, フレンチオニオンスープ、2枚貝、キャットカフェもある、自転車が流行っているそうで自転車で立ち寄れるカフェ等も多く楽しいそうですよ!🚴 是非また参加下さいませ!2月20日(火)お助け隊でもスカイビルに行きます!







2018.1.23.Tuesday BF

10-11 1person 11-12 1person 12-13 1person
Thank you so much for coming in the cold today!
It was freezing cold!
He skies very well.   He is a good skiier!
Nowadays a lot of foreign travelers enjoy skiing in Japan!
They love Japanese powder snow.
I’ll go skiing. スキーに行く ski slopes スキー場   スキー板skis  gondola lift ゴンドラリフト
ボーゲン skiplough turn  ボーゲンはドイツ語だそうです!
It’s too cold to stay in Japan now. No wonder why she wants to travel to Thailand!
She’s heard about a restaurant that sells Poo Pad Pong Curry from her friend. The curry contains crabs and it is mainly eaten in Thailand.
日本に居るのは寒すぎる    生徒さんがタイに行かれたいのは分かります。パッポンカリーを食べに行きたいとの事でした。パッポンカリーとは? 主にタイで食べられる蟹入りのカレーを指すそうです。
She learned about the restaurant by word of mouth.      by word of mouth 口コミで
We talked about restaurants that have long lines. Have you ever heard of a ramen noodle shop located near Nijyo Castle in Kyoto? I heard that this restaurant always has a line. A lot of foreign travelers visit there because of its fire pillar ramen. It is very exciting to see the fire and Kujyo negi ramen is very delicious.
外国人観光客が列をなす人気レストランの話  めん馬鹿一代 炎の柱 迫力で大人気また、九条ネギを使ったラーメンが美味しいそうです! 🍜
 line up for ~の為に列を作る     I line up for delicious pancakes.
If you work abroad or study abroad, you may want to open an account.
Can I open an account here?    銀行講座を開けられますか
I would like to get paid through direct deposit acoount. 銀行振り込みでお給料を頂きたい
明日26(金)外国人観光客お助け隊 10時 京都タワー1F 入り口前集合!
30(火)14時 JR大阪駅 桜橋口集合! スカイビルに行きます!
We might meet foreign travelers who enjoy visiting Japan for skiing and snowboarding!!
Thank you so much for coming today!

2018.1.16.Tuesday BF

10-11 2people 11-12 4people 12-13 2people
Thank you so much for coming in the cold today!
be into ~にはまっている
I’m into chocolate!
She is into travelling to New Zealand!
She recommended us a town called Kaikoura. This town is famous for whale watching.
You can also enjoy a beautiful sky of full of stars.
NZのカイコーラ Whale watching で有名だそうです。また、満点の星が素敵☆彡だそうです。
She made both kinds of zouni during the New Year’s holiday.
clear soup with vegetables and baked mochi and white miso soup
with steamed mochi  雑煮 すまし汁と白みそ どちらが好きですか!?
What made you ___ ? 直訳すると 何があなたを~させたのですか。
What made you come to Japan?
What brought you to Japan?
What made you start learning belly dance?
It was very interesting to learn about different types of belly dance and
social dance. It’s good to move your body.
You are so fit!   You are so fit – スリムな体型で素敵です!
be in high spirits
She is in high spirits. のりのりです♪ You are in high spirits because you are surrounded by beautiful
and luxurious chocolate.
exaggerate   大げさにする (話などを盛る)
She exaggerates her story all the time.
She only won 1000 yen on lottery, but she said she won 10,000 yen in the lottery.
That sounds great! I would love to try her recommended loaf of bread!
She recommended us Shokupankobo Kasuga. Their bread is very soft and yummy!
食パン工房 春日のパン🍞 生徒さんお勧め Even heel of the bread is SOFT!
パンの耳までやわらかーー 感動ですね!

Kasuga. Their bread is very soft and yummy!
食パン工房 春日のパン 生徒さんお勧め Even heel of the bread is SOFT!
1/26(Fri) お助け隊は10時 京都タワー1F入り口前集合です!
1/30(Tue) お助け隊は14時 JR大阪駅桜橋口集合です!
寒い冬も オーストラリアよりスキーや🏂で日本に来られている観光客とであるかも!
It was very fun talking with you!
Thank you so much!

2018.1.9.Tuesday BF

お助け隊1月5日(金)八坂神社にて! オーストラリア人の学生さん達とお話&おみくじ体験をして頂きました!!

10-11 1person 11-12 1person 12-13 1person

Happy New Year!

🎍🎍Have a geat new Year!🎍🎍

Thank you so much for coming in the cold!  It is good to walk outside, breathing in the crisp winter air. crisp 爽やかな   寒い中有難うございました。爽やかな冬の空気を吸うのは気持ちがいいですね!!

How was your new Year’s Holiday? I’m glad she enjoyed eating elaborate osechi dishes including herring roe and simmered vegetables. herring roe数の子 simmered vegetables 煮しめ  elaborate osechi dishes 手の込んだおせち


Did you pick a fortune slip during the first shrine visit? 初詣でおみくじ引きましたか。先週のお助け隊では八坂神社に行きました!

Otasukeatai is attractive enough! お助け隊楽しいですよ!
数名のオーストラリア人学生さん達 日本へはスキー&スノボーを
恋おみくじに挑戦! 生徒さんも一人一人にくじに書かれた
意味を説明して下さっていました!Great job!
We met a group of Australian travelers at Yasaka shrine on Friday!
We introduced them the Japanese traditional custom Omikuji.
Have you ever tried picking a fortune slip?  NO!!
They enjoyed LOVE fortune slip!
They decided to keep it as a souvenior.
We talked about coming-of-age ceremony. 成人式 👘

Did you wear a long-sleeved kimono at the coming of age ceremony?
a long-sleeved kimono 振袖 You are legally an adult at 19 in South Korea. You are legally an adult at 18 in the USA(it depends on the states) What do you think about lowering legal age of adulthood? 成人の年齢引き下げどう思いますか?18歳になれば受験とも重なり忙しくなりそう
Her new year resolution is to speak more English! I would like her to join Otasuketai! 今年の抱負:英語をもっと話すこと  お助け隊にも是非またご参加下さいませ!
26(金)10:00 京都タワー1F 入り口前集合!  京都タワー周辺
30(火)14:00 JR大阪駅 桜橋口出口 集合! スカイビルに行きます!
Bundle up!
Thank you for coming today!



2017.12.19.Tuesday BF

10-11 2people 11-12 2people 12-13 1person   お助け隊様子↑ 梅田スカイビルに行くまでの地下道が(大部分)が閉鎖される事になりました。丁度19日(火)~でした!

Thank you so much for coming today! 火曜日は有難うございました!

Thank you for participating Otasukeati as well.  外国人観光客お助け隊へのご参加も有難うございました。🎄🎄

The 2018 Winter Olympics is going to start soon! She is excited to watch Figure Skating . 🎄🎄 ⛸⛸

We talked about high places. He likes to go to a high place. When you are at a high place, you get a sense of vertigo.高い所に行くとめまいがする。。You get a sense of vertigo.次のオリンピック フィギュアスケートが注目だそうです!

Vertigo   —  you feel you are spinning

Have you ever been to the top of Abeno Harukas? I recommend you a beautiful garden on the 16th floor. There is a spacious space where you can bring your children and have lunch. She told us about the Okurayama Ski Jump. I’m sure I would get a sense of vertigo if I go there. ハルカスの上まで行かれた生徒さん。。16階の広場ご存じですか?なかなか素敵ですよ!札幌の大倉山ジャンプ台それは足がすくみそうですね。

Thank you for your participation! Great job talking with foreign travelers! We tried to meet foreign travelers on our way to Umeda Sky Building. We met a traveler who tried to take a picture of himself with Sky Building in the back. “Would you like me to take your picture?” He currently lives in China teaching English. It was his first day in Japan. He talked about how kind and helpful Japanese people are.

中国で 英語を教えておられるという旅行者の方に出会いました。ご自身で写真を撮ろうとされていたので” Would you like me to take your photo.”   スカイビルをバックに撮られる方々がとても多いです! 日本滞在一日にして日本人の優しさ、手助けの心に関心されていました。

お勧めのお寺 If you recommend any temples for the first shrine visit next year, please let me know!クリスマスマーケット明日まで行われています!🎅🎅

Thank you so much!

来年1月5日(金)八坂神社 初詣 お助け隊 予定しています!午前10時 京都タワー1F 入り口前集合!