2/26 Tue. (Maiko)

18:00-18:50 2 students
19:00-19:50 1 student
20:00-20:50 2 students

I am Hanako. → She is Hanako.
We are from Japan → They are from Japan.

I am kind. → You are kind. → You are not kind. → Is she kind?
She is friendly. → She isn’t friendly. → Is she friendly?
– mean
– selfish
– polite
Where are you from?

I’m from Osaka, Japan.

I’ve been there before, it’s a beautiful place!
I went there with my family.
I went there by myself.

I’ve always wanted to go!

Thank you, I’ll go check it out!

try to (動詞原形)
→ 〜することを心がけている
try not to (動詞原形)

I always try to (動詞原形)
I always try not to (動詞原形)

I try to cook by myself.

I try not to eat candies.


I always try to improve my English skills.

I always try to look good.

look ~ – (見た目が)~に見える

You look great in red!
I look weird without glasses.
You look weird in pictures.
I look better in the mirror!

Thank you!



3月9日 19:00- 🌸梅田校Springパーティ🌸

梅田校では春のパーティを開催します♪✨ 3/9(土)19:00~ ポットラック式なのでシェアできる食べ物、飲み物をお持ちください♪





2018.11.27 Tuesday:ゼロから、トラベルプラクティス、パターンプラクティス

15:00-15:50 3 Students
16:00-16:50 3 Students
18:00-18:50 2 Students
19:00-19:50 4 Students
20:00-20:50 5 Students

-トラベル (14:00-,19:00)

まず、小包は英語で? Package/Parcel/Box…などなど言い方は複数ありますが、←こんな感じが使えますね。


Customs declaration form ですね。これが必要かどうか、EMSなんかでは、EMSの用紙(label) にそのまま書けたりしますが、小型包装物?見たいな場合はどうするのか。。。

Do I need to attach/write/fill in(out)  a customs declaration form? 申告書いりますか?



There is nothing like 〇〇(名詞/動名詞)=〇〇に及ぶものはない!

There is nothing like a cold beer after a hot bath. 風呂上りには、冷たいビールでしょ!(的な雰囲気かな?)

There is nothing like spending a weekend with my loved one. 愛する人と過ごす週末は格別。(的な感じでしょうか。w)



今日は、Why の回でした。

Why are you here? なぜここにいるのですか?

-because I want to study English! なんでって、英語勉強したいからやん!

Why do you study English? なんで英語勉強したいの?

because…. みなさんの英語を勉強したい理由など共有させて頂きました!


2018. 11.29 Thursday:ゼロから、F2

13:00-13:50 0 Student
14:00-14:50 3 Students
15:00-15:50 3 Students

We talked about “Fashion” today.

What is fashion for you? (深いですね・・w)

How do you choose your cloths?

And next time, when we could have a fashion topic talk, we can do “Fashion advise” each other in English!

We also talked about “World Expo in Osaka in 2025”

What do you expect for our second time world expo in Osaka?

It was so so much fun to talk with everyone today!!

Thank you very much and see you soon!



11/27/2018 8 participants

Really Yellow Ruler X3, 早いで

In today’s talk, we initially focused on pronunciation.  Many people are intimidated by creating sounds which native English speakers consider correct, or easy to understand.  This is a skill which can be reproduced with practice and can be honed relatively quickly compared to the acquisition of vocabulary or the application of grammar.  In the first segment, our group focused on R-words and L-words to create games which can hone pronunciation of difficult words.  We used words which are difficult for native Japanese speakers, but there are many others.  I will include a link below for practice.

These methods are used by actors to improve their speech, and there is no reason we cannot use the same methods to help our pronunciation as well.

In the later segments, we read a couple of news articles and reverse translated them, which I then summarized on the board so that our group could gain insight into concisely communicating key components of current events.  This skill is critical, as it reflects our everyday need to synthesize and present information to others.


2018.11.20 Tuesday:ゼロから、トラベルプラクティス、パターンプラクティス

15:00-15:50 6 Students
16:00-16:50 2 Students
18:00-18:50 2 Students
19:00-19:50 3 Students
20:00-20:50 3 Students

-トラベル (14:00-,19:00)

Do you have this in another (柄、色、サイズなどなど)?

サイズ=Size (Medium size? Large size? Small size? などが入りますよ。)

今日のフレーズ in order to ~ =(目的)のために、です。

We study English in order to communicate you! あなたとコミュニケ―ンを取るために、私たちは英語を勉強しています!(世界の皆さん、聞こえますかー?!私たちはいつもこうお思っていますよ!www)


今日は、Who の回でした。

ちなみに、今日、Who is your favorite artist? で生徒さんの好きなアーティストが聞けて楽しかったです♪


Today was another great session with an energetic group of participants.  We started with general discussions and updates to catch up with recent events everyone experienced.  We then discussed a new method which we experimented with using a news app to learn how to better communicate information.  The name of the app is:


Using this app, each member of our 6 person group read a line which was in Japanese to themselves, then made their best attempt to explain the meaning to me in English.  The next step was for me to find the most efficient and effective way to communicate this information into American English and write the sentence on the board.  This allowed the members compare their collective explanation to my version of the information.  This process is useful because it allowed the entire group to understand the difference between the way they are communicating their ideas, and the way I, as a native English speaker, perceive that information.

Everyone in the group seemed to find the exercise useful and interesting.  We had a trial student, and she appeared to enjoy the exchange and found the method useful.  After this session, we spent time to discuss more about the news article on Carlos Ghosn and other current events.  I truly enjoyed the exchange and I look forward to our next session.

2018.11.15 Thursday:G1単語編、G1テキスト編

19:00-19:50 3 students

20:00-20:50 2 students

Unfortunately it was my last day in Velco today 😦

最後のlesson は・・・単語編




For, during, while の違いについて


For:前置詞→For 2 weeks, For a year, For ages, For a while(期間)

During:前置詞→During summer holiday, During the meeting


While:接続詞→While i was reading, While he is talking

While の後はS+Vです。

Thank you so much for everybody who joined my lesson ! I had awesome time 🙂

See you somewhere 🙂

2018. 11.15 Thursday:ゼロから、F2

13:00-13:50 0 Student
14:00-14:50 2 Students
15:00-15:50 3 Students


気持ち悪い とか、変な人、とかどう表現するんでしょうか。


Weirdo/Strange/Odd/Creepy…. などなど いろんな単語がありますので、どう表現したいかによって使い分けて下さいね。

後半は、Social Welfare 社会福祉や、Welfare System 制度についてなど話したりしました!

Thank you very much for your coming today!

I had so much fun to talk with you!!

2018.11.13 Tuesday:ゼロから、トラベルプラクティス、パターンプラクティス

15:00-15:50 4 Students
16:00-16:50 4 Students
18:00-18:50 2 Students
19:00-19:50 7 Students
20:00-20:50 7 Students

-トラベル (14:00-,19:00)
we practiced some phrases when you are looking for a pair of shoes in your size.

I am looking for a pair of shoes in my size. (自分のサイズの靴を探しているのですが)

-What size are you looking for?

I am a 6. (私はサイズ6です。)


I’m in the middle of (名詞/動名詞)~の真っ最中

I’m in the middle of a lesson. レッスンの真っ最中です。
I’m in the middle of a training course. 講習コースの真っ最中です。

I’m in the middle of having a meeting.



今日は、Where の回でした。

Where  + 疑問文 で 文章完成!