2018.7.11.Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3-5pm 3,3 students

Today we talked about the differences between Japan the the US in how laws are perceived, treated and enforced.


6-8pm 1,5 students

Today we talked about pros and cons. I first explained what it means and how it’s typically used in sentences before we conversed on the topic.


8-10pm 7,7 students

Tonight in business class we practiced summarizing short articles. The main idea here isn’t whether you can read difficult articles or recognize advanced vocabulary, but rather to be able to decide what information in the article is more relevant and compress the article by rephrasing it into your own words.

I noticed in the beginning you guys were founding this somewhat difficult but as you continually practiced you  were got fairly comfortable with it by the end.

Good job and I’ll see you next week


2018.7.4.Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3-5pm 3 students

Today among many things, we talked about how good your senses are. I also introduced alternative ways to refer to the our main senses such as sight, hearing, tasting, smelling. They were visual, auditory, gustatory, olfactory, respectively. There’s one for touch as well but I rarely hear it used outside of technical contexts.


6-8pm 2, 5 students

As usual, we entertained a myriad of conversation topics this evening, among them were; the capacity (power) of industrial ACs versus their common household counterpart, collecting miles on your frequent flyer membership, and music.


8-10pm 5,2 students

For tonight’s business, I had you guys discuss, meeting-style, what article you would like to read later in class. Once you guys decided on a topic and a specific article, we read it together and practiced summarizing what we read.

2018.6.27. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3-5pm 5,6 students

We had a new student in our class today. As we got to know her, we found out that she’s preparing for her volunteer work in Africa as a speech therapist. Due to her background, we’re able to learn about the various causes of speech impairment, what are the main ways to treat each type of causes and how they work. It was very interesting! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.


6-8 pm 3, 5 students

Since there were a quite a few of you I hadn’t seen in a couple of weeks, we started off talking about your experience during last week’s earthquake. After that, we talked about random stuff like exercising, science, diseases, etc.


8-10pm 5, 5 students

For the first hour of Business, we did a debate. I let you guys pick the topic, and you collectively decided on “are woman only cars on public trains necessary?”

I first asked you guys what your honest opinion on the subject was. As it so happened, you guys were more or less split even. So I assigned you to argue for the OPPOSITE side as your personal opinion.

For the second half the the class, we did some drills to practice how to set good first impressions while introducing each other in a business setting.

You guys did an excellent job. Let’s keep up the good practice!


2018.6.20. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3-5pm 3 students

Not so surprisingly our topic the afternoon mainly consisted of last Monday’s earthquake. We also talked about the importance of being prepared for such earthquakes before they happen, not after lol.


6 pm 3 students

7pm 5 students

For the evening Free-talk session, we talked about your preferences. For example:

Where wouldyou like to live? In the inner city, suburbs, countryside? Why?

If you have to choose between being super short or super tall, which would you choose? What is your ideal height?



8-10pm 8, 5 students

For tonight’s Business, we practiced making proposals. Our topic was to propose how your company can be better prepared for earthquakes. After you made your proposals to the class, we also practiced critiquing said proposals as well.

2018.6.13. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3-5pm 2 students

Today I asked you guys to tell me your story, a summary of your life, if you will.


6-8pm 3, 5students

We had fun tonight talking about “aggressive driving behaviors.”  In Japan, such driving behavior are item called 煽り運転.  But in the States, we have a fairly extensive vocabulary involving such aggressive driving. For example, road rage, tailgating, break-checking,  weaving (in and out of traffic or on a single-lane road behind a slower car), high beam flashing, etc.

Have you or anyone you know been involved in or witnessed such aggressive driving behaviors?


8-10pm 6 students

Today for business, I had you guys do a mock meeting. Here’s the agenda for this meeting

1. Definite what constitutes as a good English learning experience for a student.

2. Identify key features an English school must have in order to realise such effective learning.

3. List are the pros and cons of your current school.

4. Propose ideas on how to improve upon the current English school that you attend.

5. Conclude

2018.6.6. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3pm 4 students

4pm 3 students

Today we talked, among many things, about the different dialects of English. How English sounds different depending on what country or even what part of the country you’re from. Along the way, I explained some words that came up in the conversation like struggle, consequence, improbable; what they mean, and where and how to use them.


6-8pm 4, 5 students

In response to one of our students’ question, we discussed the difference between “I have little time” and “I have a little time” and how that “a” makes a big difference in the meeting if the sentence. We also discussed other sentences that sound similar but have very different meanings.


8-10 pm 8, 7 students

Today for business, we discussed our views on various business practices and how the size and diversity of the company affects them. I had you guys fill in the blanks in some statements about regarding business with your opinion on your own first, and then we shared our views with the class and discussed whether we agreed with them or not. Here are some examples statements.

Change is always ______ because _______.

Example answer

Change is always necessary because the market demands are constantly changing.

2018.5.30. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3-5pm 2 students

Today we talked fairly extensively about the subtle nuances contained in  the word – could – and how it’s used by native speakers of English. E.g. What’s the difference in answering the question “could you go to the grocery store and pick up some beer?” starting with – I will – I can – I could – I would?


6 pm – 3 students

7pm – 8 students

For the first hour, we talked about how to use – somehow and somewhat. For the second hour, we talked about dreams. What strange dreams have your had? Do you see your dreams in color? Can you feel, smell or taste in your dreams?


8pm – 10 students

9pm – 5 students

For the first hour, we did a collocations quiz. I split you into three teams and you guys competed against each other for points.

For the second hour, I brought in an article to read and discuss. Today’s article was on high context and low context cultures, their relation to other cultural characteristics such as diversity, individualism and/or collectivism, and how they influence business practices such as marketing strategies.

2018.5.23. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3-5pm 1 student

Since we had a one-on-one lesson today, we talked mostly about our personal background and life stories.


6-8pm  2 students

Partly due to our small class today, I felt like we were able to revisit the origins of this Wednesday Free-talk session: where we just freely talk about whatever comes to our mind.

I learned a lot of interesting things from you guys this evening and it’s truly a pleasure talking to you guys. Thank you!


8-10pm 2 students

Upon request, we decided to continue conversing in English but incorporating slightly more technical and/or advanced vocabulary.


I had so much fun talking to all of you today. Thanks for your participation as always. Take it easy and I’ll see you later.


2018.5.16. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3pm  4 students

4pm  5 students

Today among many things we talked about karaoke and singing in general.

Do you like karaoke? Are you a good singer? What songs do you like to sing at karaoke? Do you have to be a good singer to have fun at karaoke?


6-8pm  5 students

We were all over the place as usual tonight lol. But here are some things we talked about.

Student’s new look (particularly new hair)

A good yakitori place a student found

Things that you are obsessed with lately



4 students

5 students

Our topic for Business class tonight was emails. For the first hour, we discussed urgencies of emails and prioritizing/ identifying which ones require a timely response. I also talked about the different tones used in emails, e.g. formal, semi-formal, informal.

For the second hour, I had you guys practice wiring response emails to the examples I brought.

Thanks for your participation and some good laughs along the way.

See you!


2018.5.9. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


4 students

We had two main topics of conversation for this afternoon’s Free-talk.

1. Some parents keep track of where their kids are at and what they are doing via GPS and their kid’s phone. What are your thoughts on this? What if someone did that to their spouse?

2. What if the breakdown of your monthly expenses? I.e. what percent of your monthly expenditures does to rent, food, etc.


3 students

This evening’s Free-talk was all about cooking and food! What is your favorite dish to cook at home? Do your prefer fatty marbled beef or lean steak? How much meat do you eat in one sitting? Etc, etc.


5 students

For business, we did a mock meeting. Specifically, a meeting on meetings. You guys each took turns being the chairperson of the meeting discussing what are the good and bad parts of meetings at your current company, what can be done to improve them, and finally what course of action should be taken to endure quality meeting in general.

I really appreciate your active participation in these lessons.

See you next week!