2018.05.20 Free Talk & Business English

13:00~1:50 Free Talk (2 Students)

We began with a discussion of Smartphone use by teenagers and the potential dangers for society.

14:00~14:50 Free Talk (3 Students)

We talked about the British Royal Wedding and whether or not Prince Harry and Princess Meghan will have a happy life together.

15:00~15:50 Business English (5 Students)

We read and discussed a case study of Stew Leonard and his business success story in the USA. Students were asked to identify Japanese companies with a similar history.

16:00~16:50 Business English (5 Students)

We read an article on childhood obesity in the UK and whether or not the London ban on advertising for fast food will be effective.


2018.5.19 Saturday Pronunciation Master; Free Talking

Tonight in Pronunciation class we practiced “th” both voiced and unvoiced.

In Free Talking tonight we discussed childhood dreams, the future of transportation, and run-ins with the police and airport security.

2018.5.16. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3pm  4 students

4pm  5 students

Today among many things we talked about karaoke and singing in general.

Do you like karaoke? Are you a good singer? What songs do you like to sing at karaoke? Do you have to be a good singer to have fun at karaoke?


6-8pm  5 students

We were all over the place as usual tonight lol. But here are some things we talked about.

Student’s new look (particularly new hair)

A good yakitori place a student found

Things that you are obsessed with lately



4 students

5 students

Our topic for Business class tonight was emails. For the first hour, we discussed urgencies of emails and prioritizing/ identifying which ones require a timely response. I also talked about the different tones used in emails, e.g. formal, semi-formal, informal.

For the second hour, I had you guys practice wiring response emails to the examples I brought.

Thanks for your participation and some good laughs along the way.

See you!


2018.5.15 Tuesday Free Talk

19:00-19:50 2 students

20:00-20:50 2 students


Today we talked about pets and international travel, how sometimes your pets can’t make it to your destination. We also talked a bit about dental hygiene and finding good doctors.



2018.05.13 Free Talk & Business English

13:00~13:50 Free Talk (4 Students)

We began today with a discussion of minor health problems and what can be done to feel better. Some very helpful suggestions from everyone!

14:00~14:50 Free Talk (4 Students)

We discussed Animal Rights and whether there ought to be more protection for the mistreatment of animals. Once again, a lot of interesting opinions were expressed.

15:00~15:50 Business English (1 Student)

We read a case study of an American company trying to decide whether to outsource production to Brazil or Argentina, after weighing the pros and cons of each country.

16:00~16:50 Business English (1 Student)

We read an article on the current economic crisis in Venezuela, and what can possibly be done to help the huge number of refugees fleeing to Brazil and other countries.

2018.5.9. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


4 students

We had two main topics of conversation for this afternoon’s Free-talk.

1. Some parents keep track of where their kids are at and what they are doing via GPS and their kid’s phone. What are your thoughts on this? What if someone did that to their spouse?

2. What if the breakdown of your monthly expenses? I.e. what percent of your monthly expenditures does to rent, food, etc.


3 students

This evening’s Free-talk was all about cooking and food! What is your favorite dish to cook at home? Do your prefer fatty marbled beef or lean steak? How much meat do you eat in one sitting? Etc, etc.


5 students

For business, we did a mock meeting. Specifically, a meeting on meetings. You guys each took turns being the chairperson of the meeting discussing what are the good and bad parts of meetings at your current company, what can be done to improve them, and finally what course of action should be taken to endure quality meeting in general.

I really appreciate your active participation in these lessons.

See you next week!


2018.5.8 Tuesday Free Talk

19:00-19:50  1 student

20:00-20:50  2 students

Hello! Today we talked about job expectations throughout the years. We also touched on women’s role in various cultures and why some religions want women (and some men!) to cover their hair.


2018.05.06 Free Talk & Business English

13:00~13:50 Free Talk (3 students)

We began the day with an article and discussion on the volcanic eruptions on Hawaii. Several students talked about their memories of travel to Hawaii.

14:00~14:50 Free Talk (3 students)

We discussed the huge increase in foreign tourists visiting Japan, and whether this is a good trend or not.

15:00~15:50 Business English (1 student)

We read a case study on Johnson & Johnson Co. and their handling of the Tylenol crisis several years ago.

16:00~16:50 Business English (2 students)

We read and discussed an article on the U.S. job market and the desperate need for workers that some companies are experiencing.

2018.5.5 Saturday Pronunciation Master; Free Talking

Pronunciation Master 17:00~17:50 (3 students); Free Talking 18:00~18:50 (3 students); Free Talking 19:00~19:50 (3 students)

Tonight in Pronunciation class we practiced tongue twisters, and syllable stress.

In Free Talking tonight we discussed the long relationship I’ve had with my first home stay family in Japan, family member jobs, and lineage.

2018.5.2. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3-5 pm  5 students

Today’s topic for free talk included..

1. The difficulties of Human Relationships at work. When you’re working at a company, relationships with your colleagues and employer can sometimes be complicated and cumbersome.

2. What’s the difference between sarcasm, irony and satire? I think these are examples of things that’s more prominent in English-speaking cultures than in Japan. But I hope I cleared this up for you guys now so that you can use the right word for the right situation in the future!


6pm  3 students

7pm  6 students

Our free talk session today consisted of conversations about music, towards the beginning, then about health and statistics, and importance of being able to read and interpret data properly, even as a layman.


8pm 5 students

9pm 3 students

For the first half of Business, we did some debates. I had you guys pick a couple topics from a list I brought.

You chose 1) casual dress codes are beneficial for the company 2) working from home is more productive than working in an office.

As usual, I picked who gets to debate on which side. I gave you guys a few minutes to prepare your arguments prior to starting the debate.

For the latter half of the lesson, we worked on collocations. I gave you guys questions which you can answer for points in a competition with each other.