2018.11.28. Wednesday. Free-talk and Business


3-5pm 1 student

Today we discussed culture and collectivism versus individualism, and whether or not true individualism exists.


6-8pm 5,7 students

Today one of the students had an interesting question for the class; how can your express your thoughts in a more logical way? Each one of us took turns answering and sharing our views.


8-10pm 7,5 students

Since we had a fairly large group today, I split you guys into two groups, one group arguing that it’s better to be poor and honest than rich and dishonest, and the other group arguing for the converse. We practiced how to organized your thoughts and express them in a logical and structured manner.

2018.11.26. Monday: F2

7-9pm 5, 2 students

Today we talked about some of your favorite things. We talked about your favorite songs, movies,  musicals, restaurants, etc.

2018.11.21. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3-5pm 1 student

today we talked about various train lines and their cost effectiveness as means of transportation.


6-8pm 3,5 students

Today we talked about our experience  traveling and living in foreign countries, things that make us feel nervous, and so on.


8-10pm 5,3 students

Today we read an article about how reading the news affects your intelligence. We went over difficult words and discussed the contents together as we read through.



2018.11.19.Monday: F2

7-9pm: 5,2 students

Tonight we talked about how we organize and keep track of schedules, plans, and goals in our personal and professional lives. Do you have a schedule book or an app to keep track of your schedule? Do you make to do lists? What habits do you find useful to improve your productivity?

2018.11.14. Free-talk and Business


1-3pm 3,4 students

Since we had a couple of new students today, we talked about your background, what you do for fun and what are some of your hobbies.


3-5pm 2 students

For the first howh of today’s business class, we read some articles and practiced summarizing and rephrasing them into your own words. For the second hour, we practiced rapid output by responding to random topics from bag as quickly as you can.

2018.11.5. Monday: F2

7-9pm 2 students

Today we talked about how one of the students is going to move soon. I also took some time to emphasize the difference between ending verbs like annoy, excite, interest, bore, with ~ing vs ~ed. It can make a huge difference which one you use and you have to be careful not to mix them up!

2018.10.31. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3-5pm 2 students

Today we discuss some social/political topics such as; what do you think about having surveillance in all pubic places (streets, park, etc) so that the police can identify criminals more easily. What are the pros and cons of such Society?

6-8pm 5,4 students

Today we discussed topics related to driving. Are you a good driver? Have you ever been in a traffic accident? How was your experience with the insurance company and how did the insurance company decide to cover for the damage?


8-10pm 3,4 students

For today’s business we did some debates are topics of debate included:

Should the Japanese government invest in a mission to Mars?

Should animal testing be banned?

Is it necessary to increase consumption tax to 10%?

2018.10.24. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3-5pm 2 students

Today the group, including myself, had a lot of interest in cars, we talked about that cars we opea and have owned in the past. We also talked about classic cars and purchasing cars from an investment stand point.

6-8pm 5 students

Today we talked about:

Depreciation/appreciationof your assets.

Correlation (or lack there’s of) between blood pressure and body temperature

Confounding factor and why it’s important to keep in mind when considering correlations.


8-10pm 7 students

Today we covered collocations that one would often engineere in business/professional settings, such as in the office, business trip, meetings, and so on.