2017.9.18. Monday: BF

19:30-20:20  3 students
20:30-21:20  4 students

Some of topics we covered tonight are; challenging parts about English, the recent typhoon, some accidents we have experienced in a car or a bicycle. Towards the end I asked you guys ‘what grinds your gears ( すごく、あるいは個人的に腹が立つこと、イライラすること ) ?” Or some things that simply annoy you. It’s interesting to note that people on escalators turn out to be a common source of minor iterations, lol.

Thanks for coming as always. See you soon!


2017.9.13. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


15:00-15:50  5 students
16:00-16:50  3 students

We started off talking about a recent trip one of our students made to China, then we discussed other places we have have visited in the past. We shared the experiences we had in China, UK, US, Kenya, with one another. They were all interesting but, if I had to pick, the story about Kenya would have to be my favorite! I also introduced a few vocabularies as well. Transparent, Translucent, Opaque, and quarantine.


18:00-18:50  1 student
19:00-19:50  2 students

Tonight’s free talk was indeed a free flow of conversations covering many topics To list a few, we talked about a student’s recent experience at her new work place, how co-workers can learn from more experienced workers but also from helping new less experienced workers. I also shared my experience with some professors I had in college.


20:00-20:50  2 students
21:00-21:50  2 students

Since we had I small group tonight, I took some requests and we decided to practice quick responses in English. I’ll either gave you random pictures online or point at objects in the room, which you had to describe with minimal pausing to think and without using relative pronouns such as ‘which’ or ‘that’ as much as possible. The objective of the exercise was to train your brain to think in English rather than in Japanese and then translating that into English.

Thanks for your participation. See you later!

2017.9.11 Monday: BF

19:30-20:20  7 students
20:30-21:20  8 students

We spent most of our time tonight talking about what we did this weekend and expanding our conversations from there. Prepping for mountain climbing, working and watching a TV series at the same time (impressive),  studying at a cafe, hanging out with friends and take some selfies for Instagram, etc.
Thanks for coming. See you!

2017.9.9. Saturday: Free-talk

18:00-18:50 5 students
19:00-19:50 5 students

Today, a student who is learning Chinese alongside English shared with us the ease and difficulties of learning Chinese as a native speaker of Japanese. Then, we talked about the difficulties of other languages like Spanish or what foreigners find difficult about Japanese.

2017.9.4. Monday: BF

19:30~20:20  6 students
20:30~21:20  6 students

Today we had two students who were new to our BF. So we spent the first part of the lesson getting to know each other by telling a little bit about ourselves to the rest of the class and asking each other some questions. After that, we talked about a student’s experience in Taiwan, and another student’s experience in Thailand and Singapore. We then talked about healthcare and medicine in Japan and in foreign countries towards the end of the lesson.

Thanks for coming. See you soon!

2017.9.6. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


15:00~15:50  2 students

16:00~16:50  1 student 

We had some quite interesting conversations today about Japanese history and culture specially during the Edo period. We talked about how culture developed by the common folks in the e Edo era has became the foundation for modern Japanese culture. After that, we switched gears and talked about our plans for future jobs and life choices.



18:00~18:50  4 students

19:00~19:50  4 students

Tonight’s conversation topics included; what do we do on holidays like Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, and how it differs from Japan. I also introduced a new vocab, pyromaniac or pyro for short. I then asked you about recent events in your lives.



20:00~20:50  4 students

21:00~21:50  4 students

Today’s topic for business class was negotiations. We briefly discussed questions such as; what are some important skills for negotiating, how do they differ from sales, how important is developing relationships and some personal connections with the other person on negotiations? We then did some reading exemplifying how couple of business persons, who just met each other, add some personal touches to the conversation before diving into the negotiation.

Thanks for coming. Take it easy!


2017.8.30. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


15:00~15:50  2 students
16:00~16:50  2 students

We talked today about how my vacation went, the recent solar eclipse, some plans students had to travel abroad, the recent situation with North Korea, etc.



18:00~18:50  6 students
19:00~19:50  7 students

We started out, of course, by talking about my vacation and what I was doing to get so tan 🙂 Then we talked about what was new in your lives. Starting a new job, quitting (finally, lol) your job, getting a short-term job, go traveling, moving overseas and starting a new life… Wow! I’m so excited for you!



20:00~20:50  7 students
21:00~21:50  7 students

For business, we did some role playing where you had to rent a car for your business trip in the States. I also talked about types of car insurance in the States, what they mean and what they cover. Towards the end of the lesson, we did what seems to be gradually developing into a signature part of this business class – the polite game – I give you the topic, you have to come up with polite, professional or non-offensive ways to say them.

Thanks for coming. I had fun talking to you guys as always. See you!


2017.7.31. Monday: BF

19:30~20:20  6 students
20:30~21:20  6 students

For the first half of the lesson, we talked about random stuff such as “What sort of summery things, like going to the beach, camping, etc, have you done this summer?”

For the second half of the lesson, we had some fun with a themed free-talk. I first asked everyone to draw a couple of objects on a piece of paper. Then, I told you that you all have been shipwrecked and washed up on a desert island. All you have are the two objects you just drew. Because, resources are limited, not everyone will get to survive. Now, you must convince the rest of the group how your objects will help the group survive…

Thank for coming! See you in a bit!


2017.7.29. Saturday: Free-talk

18:00~18:50  3 students
19:00~19:50  4 students

Staying true to the title of our lesson, we discussed freely about many topics. Topics tonight included, English with different accents from around the world, different dialects of Japanese, how they established what would become standard Japanese in the Meiji era, differences in funding for research in science, technology, and medicine in Japan versus the US, buying new household appliances for your new home, and much more!

Thanks for your participation tonight. I’ll see you around.


2017.7.26. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


18:00~18:50  5 students
19:00~19:50  6 students

Tonight, we had fun talking about how seldom events like music festivals are delayed in Japan compared to the States and we playfully debated on the acceptableness of delays in such events. It’s fun to talk about the difference in perspectives between the audiences who want more show time and the event staff who really rather not have to work overtime every time there’s a delay. Then we talked about amusement parks and how long the lines are for the rides at USJ.


20:00~20:50  3 students
21:00~21:50  2 students

For business today, we focused on building vocabulary and expressions, especially those describing personalities and characteristics of people. Towards the end of the lesson, I had you guys practice some impromptu English speaking, where you described whatever I pointed at in the room with as little pauses as possible.

Thanks for coming, see you!