2018.7.29. Sunday: Free-talk and Business


1-3pm 5, 4 students

We talked about various active hobbies, such as wind surfing, wakeboarding or  kiteboarding, and their learning curves.


3-5pm 3 students

For today’s business I brought in a Wikipedia article on the 2018 US China trade war. We discussed the article as we went along reading it together.


2018.7.25. Free-talk and Business

Free-talk 3-5pm, 3 students

Today I introduced the expressing “they have it worse than us.” So we talked about “things we might have bad but others have it worse.”


6-8pm 3, 5 students

For this evenings free talk, I introduced some useful phrases when expressing your opinion to others.


8-10pm 3, 4 students

For business today we discussed the concept of risk. What does it mean to you in your professional versus personal life.

2018.7.18. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3-5pm 2 students

Today we talked about various stereotypes people have of other countries.


6-8pm 3, 5 students

Today among many things, we talked about the concept of an analogy and what it means.


8-10pm 7, 5 students

For business, we did a discussion and shared opinions on what sort of questions should prospective employers be allowed ask candidates on job application forms and interviews.


2018.7.11.Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3-5pm 3,3 students

Today we talked about the differences between Japan the the US in how laws are perceived, treated and enforced.


6-8pm 1,5 students

Today we talked about pros and cons. I first explained what it means and how it’s typically used in sentences before we conversed on the topic.


8-10pm 7,7 students

Tonight in business class we practiced summarizing short articles. The main idea here isn’t whether you can read difficult articles or recognize advanced vocabulary, but rather to be able to decide what information in the article is more relevant and compress the article by rephrasing it into your own words.

I noticed in the beginning you guys were founding this somewhat difficult but as you continually practiced you  were got fairly comfortable with it by the end.

Good job and I’ll see you next week

2018.7.9. Monday: BF

7-9pm 2,4 students


We talked about

If you were offered your dream job, would you be willing to move abroad for it?

Cultural differences between Japan and the United States, especially in early childhood education.


It’s always so much fun talking to guys.

See you~

2018.7.8. Sunday: Free-talk and Business

Free-talk, 1-3pm

7 and 10 students

We had a large group today, so we talked about what’s new with everyone. Later we talked about some hard jobs, part-time or full-time, you’ve done before.

Business 3-5pm

4 and 4 students

I had you guys do a mock meeting today… about meetings! In the meeting, you had to determine what characteristics make an efficient and productive meeting, how to improve on the meetings you have at your current company, and make a specific action plan in order to implement the suggested improvements. After I explained our agenda, I handed the ball over to you guys, each of you took turns being the chair of the meeting.

We mainly focused on speaking, particularly organizing your thoughts and expressing them in real-time today. I know you’re not really used to an activity like this but nonetheless you all did very well. Good job and I’ll see you in a couple of weeks!

2018.7.4.Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3-5pm 3 students

Today among many things, we talked about how good your senses are. I also introduced alternative ways to refer to the our main senses such as sight, hearing, tasting, smelling. They were visual, auditory, gustatory, olfactory, respectively. There’s one for touch as well but I rarely hear it used outside of technical contexts.


6-8pm 2, 5 students

As usual, we entertained a myriad of conversation topics this evening, among them were; the capacity (power) of industrial ACs versus their common household counterpart, collecting miles on your frequent flyer membership, and music.


8-10pm 5,2 students

For tonight’s business, I had you guys discuss, meeting-style, what article you would like to read later in class. Once you guys decided on a topic and a specific article, we read it together and practiced summarizing what we read.

2018.7.2. Monday: BF

7-9pm 5 students



視力: 近視、遠視、老眼、乱視って英語でどう言うの?

歳を重ねるにつれて涙もろくなる?Do you ever cry at the movie theaters?

日本とアメリカの Dating culture の違いについて

ギャンブル: Are you a gambler? 恋人あるいは配偶者がギャンブル好きだったらどう思いますか?


It was fun talking to you guys as always.

See you next time!



2018.6.27. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3-5pm 5,6 students

We had a new student in our class today. As we got to know her, we found out that she’s preparing for her volunteer work in Africa as a speech therapist. Due to her background, we’re able to learn about the various causes of speech impairment, what are the main ways to treat each type of causes and how they work. It was very interesting! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.


6-8 pm 3, 5 students

Since there were a quite a few of you I hadn’t seen in a couple of weeks, we started off talking about your experience during last week’s earthquake. After that, we talked about random stuff like exercising, science, diseases, etc.


8-10pm 5, 5 students

For the first hour of Business, we did a debate. I let you guys pick the topic, and you collectively decided on “are woman only cars on public trains necessary?”

I first asked you guys what your honest opinion on the subject was. As it so happened, you guys were more or less split even. So I assigned you to argue for the OPPOSITE side as your personal opinion.

For the second half the the class, we did some drills to practice how to set good first impressions while introducing each other in a business setting.

You guys did an excellent job. Let’s keep up the good practice!