2018.3.12. Monday: BF and Bar


19:00 – 5 students

20:00 – 7 students

Today’s topics:

1. If you had intro music what would it be?

2. What three words best describe you?

3. What was the most nerve-racking experience in your life (or recently)?

One of the students described her finals for her music degree as one of the most nerve-racking experience in her life.

Having to perform in front of someone who is there to judge you is definitely a nerve-racking experience. Especially when your grades for the whole term is on the line.


BF bar

21:00 – 3 students

Today we talked about unreasonable (or reasonable, lol) traffic tickets you have received by the police over the years.

I think the our winner was the student who was tailgated by an undercover police car on a single lane road. After he sped up, he received a ticket for speeding. That is nothing short of a trap, lol.

Anyways it was fun talking to you guys as usual, see you next week!




2018.3.7. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


15:00- 2 students

16:00- 2 students

Topics for Free-talk included

Taking your pets to the vet

Finding restaurants serving authentic ethnic/international food in Japan or the States. Chinese, Thai, Indian, Turkish, etc.


18:00 – 5 students

19:00 – 5 students

We’re all over the place as usual with our conversational topics tonight.

Towards the beginning, we talked about the differences in people who are monolingual, bilingual or even multilingual. How about people who are monocultural versus bicultural?

Later we talked about personal hygiene and the differences you observe between Japan and other countries.



20:00- 5 students

21:00- 5 students

Our goal for business class tonight was to practice expressing your opinion in business related topics.

Some of the topics we covered tonight included:

Invention versus Innovation: Is there a difference?

Is it possible to simultaneously achieve career success and build a happy family life?

Is self employment more simulating than working for a large organization?

I really enjoy getting to hear your thoughts. Thanks for sharing and I hope to see you all next week!


2018.3.5. Monday: BF and bar

19:00 – 7 students

20:00 – 7 students


Are you very active or do you prefer to relax in your free time?

What’s the best/worst thing about your your work/school?

If you had intro music what would it be?

今日の単語 (selected examples)

Sleep in






BF bar

今日の Bar トピックスは

賞味期限が切れた食品を食べたりしますか? Yes なら何を基準に判断していますか?賞味期限が切れてからの日数?匂い?ちなみに Riki は(日数が論外でなければ)smell test → taste test です。比較的一般的だと思いますが、中にはとりあえず調理してみて食べてみてだめだったら捨てると言う方も(笑)




2018.2.28. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


15:00 – 4 students

16:00 – 3 students

Today we talked about your experience when you were learning how to drive. We also talked about how typical paid parking in Portland works.



18:00 – 7 students

19:00 – 6 students

Topics for today’s Free-talk were:

TV progress you like to watch

Investments you make

Something that you cannot stop doing

E.g. I don’t think I can quit eating spicy food even if I had to…



20:00 – 5 students

21:00 – 5 students

Tonight’s topic for business class was idioms involved with making decisions.

Here are a couple examples of what we covered in class

(He/she) has the final say on this matter.

(We must) bear in mind that ~

After that, we shared our experiences making decisions in the past and discussed what are the most critical factors to consider when making an important decision.

Thanks for your participation. Take it easy!


2018.2.26. Monday: BF


19:00-19:50 .  3 students

20:00-20:50.   3 students


What brings back memories for you?

What’s your comfort food?

What’s something popular now that annoys you?

最近確かにハロウィンに続いてブラックフライデーやイースターなどのイベントを日本でも耳にするようになりましたが、盛り上がるイベントを狙っているなら St. Patty’s day, Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo とかのほうが盛り上がりそうな気がしないでも。。(笑)

BF Bar

21:00-21:50.   4 students

We talked tonight about what you do for your health.

I honestly think my doctor would have to tell me that I’m going to die if I don’t exercise or something before I start playing tennis for an hour and a half at seven in the morning, lol.

Actually in my case I’ll probably die from playing tennis, haha.

Thanks for joining. See you next week!


2018.2.21. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


15:00 – 15:50   4 students

16:00 – 16:50   5 students

Towards the beginning of the lesson, we talked about pets you guys have. Then a student described a situation she encountered, where a employee making a sandwich touched some cash with his bear hands to ring up a customer then proceeded to make her sandwich without washing his hands. We asked around the class on what you would have done if you where in that situation. It was interesting to see various different views the class had on this.


18:00 – 18:50   5 students

19:00 – 19:50   5 students

Staying true to the title of the lesson, we were all over the place with our conversation topics this evening. Just to list a few, we talked about things people do that annoy you, the Olympic sport of curling, and about laptops. Are you a Mac or PC user? Why?


20:00 – 20:50   4 students

21:00 – 21:50   4 students

For business, we discussed how important various practices are to your business. For instance, is it important or should it be avoided in your work place to call each other by their first name? How important is it to incorporate humor? How about socializing outside work? We shared the importance of each characteristics at our own workplace and then discussed the differences between others in class.

Thank you very much for your participation. I will see you later!



2018.2.19. Monday: BF and Bar


19:00-19:50.  11 students

20:00-20:50.  7 students

今日の単語 / 表現

Cut some slack

Fit (fitness)


What is something you’re obsessed with?

Who’s your favorite Entertainer?

What is your favorite way to waste time?

皆さん、Led Zeppelin ちゃんとWikipediaで調べましたか?(笑)


BF bar

21:00 – 21:50  2 students



See you next week!

2018.2.14. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


15:00-15:50   2 students

16:00-16:50   2 students

Today we talked about the winter Olympic games and snowboarding in particular. After that, we talked about what was the most nerve-racking experience in our lifes.


18:00-18:50   3 students

19:00-19:50   4 students

We discussed some niche businesses such as koraoke, cafes and bars that have unique features to entertain people. For example, in Japan there are train conductor karaoke, board game cafes, real life escape games, etc. We talked about places that you know or heard of or actually enjoy going to.


20:00-20:50   7 students

21:00-21:50   7 students

For business, we talked about polite and professional English over the phone. We did an exercise converting language that is inappropriate for business to more professional language suitable for business. After the exercise, we practiced the concept we discussed in pairs.

Thanks for coming, see you soon!



2018.2.12. Monday: BF

19:00-19:50   7 students

20:00-20:50   5 students



Pulled over (by the police)

Rip off

Last funny video you saw

What you do to get rid of stress



くれぐれも 80km/h 制限の所を 150km/h で走って “pull over” されないように(笑)

See you!


2018.2.7. Wednesday : Free-talk and Business


15:00-15:50   2 students

16:00-16:50   3 students

For the first hour, we talked about things like confusing US customary units and their equivalent in SI units. Later we talked about our experience in college. What were the lectures, dorms, professors like?


18:00-18:50   2 students

19:00-19:50   5 students

Today we discussed quite extensively about airline companies’ credit cards, mileage points and the special services/benefits you get by becoming one of their premium members, or a “super flyer” as ANA would call you.


20:00-20:50   4 students

21:00-21:50   4 students

The theme of tonight’s business was discussion and persuasion. The first hour, I gave you guys a scenario where you were stuck in a broken elevator together for 48 hours. Your task was to pick 8 objects that you think ought be brought in the elevator, convince the rest of the group on their utility, and finally come to an agreement on 8 objects as a group.

We did a mini debate for the second hour. Our topic was whether or not companies should have strict policies against dating at work. Since all of you were more or less in agreement in the beginning, I split you into two groups and assigned you a side you’ll be supporting.