2018.10.3. Wednesday: F3 and Business


3-5pm: 3 students

Today we talked about memory in general. How to remember and recall things more efficiently? Do you really losel your ability to remember and recall things as you are? If so, how big of a factor is it really?


6-8pm: 3 students

Today we talked about English words) expressions that are hard or down right nearly impossible to translate into Japanese, at leastl without some loss of subtle nuances.

Here’s just a couple of examples:

You earned yourself a nice vacation

You deserve a vacation



8-10pm 3 students

Today I had you guys do a short (10-15min) improv presentation on something either you are knowledgeable about or just would like to share with the class.



2018.10.1. Monday: F2

7-9pm 5 students

Today we talked about the different term systems used in schools in Japan. Here’s a recap:

Semester: (年間2学期制の学期)

Trimesters: (年間3学期制の学期)

Quarters (年間4学期制の学期)

2018.9.26. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3-5pm 3 students

Today we talked about how unusually hot this summer was and how it might affect the typhoon season this year.


6-8pm 6 students

Talk about things Americans like to say. Like… well, “like” lol. We also say “I got to” instead of “I have to” or “I just got here” instead of “I have just gotten here.” These are not necessarily correct English from a technical  point of view but people use them nonetheless and it’s something kinda fun to notice.


8-10pm 5 students

For business class tonight, we shared some ideas for discussion topics and discussed then together as a class.

2018.9.19. Wednesday: Free-talk and Business


3-5pm 3 students

Today we talked about various technologies that were introduced within the last 70 years or so (like the refrigerator, washing machine, TV, A/C, and do on) and where do we as a society stand on the front of innovation today.


6-8pm 6 students

Today, among many things, we talked about there’s the best place you’d recommend traveling to in thethe Chugoku and Shikoku area, privately importing goods from abroad, logistics of shipments and importation taxes.


8-10pm 4,5 students

Today’s theme for Business class was “Educate us!” Basically, I had each one of you guys take turns and give an informal 15min presentation on whatever subject of your choice and other students could freely ask questions during the talk.

2018.9.12. Wednesday:


3-5pm 4 students

We talked about traditional folktales and how they’ve been gradually modified to be more “family friendly” for our modern society.


6-8pm  3,5 students

We talked about our friends, their unique character and shared fun stories about then.


8-10pm 5 students

Upon request, we practiced short improv speeches tonight.

2018.9.10. Monday: BF

7-9pm 5 students

Today we talked about what’s your current boss like? Do you like him/her? How would you describe his personally? How does he/she compared to bosses you have had before?

We also talked about the difference between,

I can trust him

I can rely on him

I can believe in him

I have faith in him


2018.9.5. Wednesday: Free-talk

3-5pm 3 students

Today we talked about what’s the difference between carbonated water and sparkling water? What’s a fair price for sparkling water like Perrier at a restaurant?

6-8pm 2 students

We talked about the recent typhoon and what’s the coolest hair style possible while following highschool rules.

2018.9.3. Monday: BF

7-9pm 5, 7 students

Here are some of the topics we talked about today:

What problems will technology solve in the next 5 years? What problems will it create?

What do you think of stay-cations? (Vacationing and seeing tourist attractions where you live.)

Do you prefer traveling alone or with a group?

What’s the most exciting thing you ate recently?